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  1. I'm doing a TTD session after my wedding so I'll have to get my dress cleaned if I want to wear it again. Not sure if I'm going to do that or not. My at-home reception is going to be pretty low key...but then again, it would be fun to put the dress on again. Humm...
  2. Thanks for the tip J2K, I will def check out that website. I also looked at this one that seems pretty reasonable for tungsten carbide bands. Tungsten Carbide Bands - Wedding Rings Thungsten Rings for mens & womens
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by gaynasmith24 Hi, have you thought of a palladium wedding band as looks just the same as platinum and doesn't interact with it and best of all only half the price of platinum I will definitely check that out. Thanks!
  4. Well, I got the bridesmaids dresses done. David's Bridal Style: F12284 in cornflower Now I am working on the rings, which is going to be way more expensive than I originally thought. My engagement ring is in platinum with diamonds in the band so a wedding band with diamonds looks best. I've seen some great rings in white gold, but everytime I ask for platinum, it doubles the price of the ring! I guess I'm just going to suck it up though because I can't seem to find anything cheaper. But other than that, things are going good. I haven't been in touch with the WC or anything. I am starting to look at flowers. I'm sure if I should just buy what the hotel sells or bring fake flowers...
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by hmlwilliams How about something funny? This is very british humour: Yes, I'll Marry You, by Pam Ayres Just some of my favourite non-naff ones!! Hannah I love this! I'm all about the humor!
  6. I just wanted to bring up this topic again because I am still trying to decide on wedding insurance. Has anyone used WedSafe insurance? The policy would cover things like the dress, rings, vendors, cancellation due to weather, etc. I'm not sure if the hotel already covers some of these things (I need to contact them again because I still haven't gotten a response). My guess is hopefully they would cover their guests hotel stays in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. (Of course I'm thinking about this since my wedding is in September). I already have travel insurance through the airline. Am I going overboard to get wedding insurace too?
  7. Do you happen to have a pricelist for Cecilia? Your pictures are fantastic!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam You should also check with Cecilia Dumas, I think her prices are comparible, if not cheaper and she does great work from what I've seen. Good thing is your day is not till Sept. so you've got plenty of time! Wow, I really like her pictures. I'm going to email her now. Do you happen to have a pricelist for her?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda We are using Humberto Castilla, and I really like his work. He sets a package for each bride he works w/ on her needs. He is charging us $800 for 3 hours, TTD, an album, and a cd w/ all of the photos. Included is a $100 travel fee down to akumal. If your interested i can email you his portfolio and contact info. Wow! That is a great deal. I would love to get the contact info from you. I'll PM you my email. Thanks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom I ended up booking Claudia for just our TTD. She quoted me 1000 for a beach and town TTD, and 1500 for a cenote and town TTD. It's expensive, but I'm hoping it will be worth it!!! Nibsmom, How many hours is that for? Did you happen to ask her much it would be for just 1 place rather than two, ie: just the beach or just a cenote?
  11. I'm a little freaked right now because Vanessa Vargas just cancelled her photography service with me. Luckily I was given plenty of warning and the cancellation is understandable, but I'm just not sure what to do now. She has recommended a fellow photog. that can replace her but I'm not familiar this person (nor am I quite sure what this person's name is). Has anyone ever used this person before? Luzma Foto I don't know enough Spanish to know what it says. Or she will give me a refund and I can look for someone else, I'm just not sure who. In total, I was only paying $1100 for 2 hrs plus TTD session. I really don't want to spend any more than that. Any suggestions?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by To be JillianMickiewicz Quick question....is it okay to have a laid back party at a bar with drinks and apps (we are thinking chips and salsa, tacos, etc with Margaritas since we are getting married in Mexico) with all your friends and family? Or is that not nice enough for a AHR? I didn't plan on wearing my dress....what do you all think?? I say you can do whatever you want! I think that would be a fun theme for an AHR. I like that idea!
  13. Humm... I plan to do the same thing as you MarieSam. I haven't looked into it yet, but I'll have to check and see if Maryland has a similar process to Virginia. I don't want to exchange rings if we don't have to.
  14. Hi and congrats! Here is a link to a Riu forum you may be interested in. I am getting married at Riu Palace Las Americas right next door. Let me know if you have any questions. Cancun is awesome and Riu Cancun has the Pacha nightclub where my group plans to go after dinner to continue the party! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t20448 Enjoy browsing the forum, it has helped me a lot!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Lenchika I did the rough budget by researching this site a lot LOL and was hoping to spend around 7.5K, that was about 2 months ago. After more thoughts, things add up... we're up to ~10K of expected spendings, and only 1 week at RPLA in Cancun. We're having a very small wedding, just my parents and my sister and hubby. We're not paying for anyone's airfare...or dresses or anything else. I cannot fathom how you ladies are only spending around 5-8K! Good for you! Looking for tips from the frugalminded Not sure where I can cut corners...Here's our breakdown: lodging & airfare3500 (just a regular room) ceremony1000 (least expensive at hotel) photography 1000 video1100 bouqet for bride, boutineer for groom50 additional flowers (rose petals, girl bouquet) 50 centerpieces150 decorations 600 (that's for the bamboo arch that I cannot live w/o) dress 500 - looooooove it, haven't done any alterations yet. tuxedo/suit300 music500 (may cut that out - it was for a guitar player - but may go with just CD music) gifts (welcome basket)100 adventures500 tips300 Any ideas where to cut costs/corners? I'm staying at the same place next September. I think you did good to get lodging and airfare for $3500! I did pay a bit more to have oceanfront view for my room, but my room costs $3600 for 10 days plus $750 for airfare for me and my fiance. I think your budget looks very reasonable. The only thing I'm doing differently is having someone in my family bring a video camera rather than paying someone else. My total will probably be around $10,000 when its all over. I honestly think that is pretty good and for me, that is spread out over the next year so its definitely doable!
  16. Becks, thanks so much for posting your template (for the luggage tags and everything else)! I can't tell you how much time (and money!) I have saved by using your templates. (I never would have thought of some of these DIY projects and probably would have spent way more money getting someone else to do them.) I really appreciate all your hard work and sharing it on this forum!
  17. Also... FYI - Sean went to pick up stamps for them today because I wanted cute ones and also was concerned that with all the cardstock it might weigh too much (no clue what the limit is?)... well teh weight was fine, but because I have the ribbon tied in a knot it costs an extra 20 cents due to the bulk. I plan to do boarding pass invites as well, but I haven't even started yet. Good to know that it will be extra for bulk if I include the ribbon. Your invites came out really nice! I guess I'll need to start working on mine soon since it seems like it is going to be more work than I originally thought.
  18. Where were the TTD pictures taken at the are on the rocks? Those are my favorites.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Martin Regarding the prices at Renova Spa, I thought they were fairly priced too. I paid about $140 for my hair, mani, and pedi. The prices for your hair will vary on the style and the time needed to do your hair. Oh wow, that is totally reasonable for all that!
  20. Ashley, Do you happen to have a price sheet for Renova spa? I am planning to get my hair done there as well as my bridesmaids. Also, and I'm sure you are planning to do this anyway, but would you mind posting your review when you get back? It is really helpful to hear how things go. I have a different WC than you and Mrs. Martin, I have Lizette. I haven't really contacted her for anything yet. But I still have some time before my wedding. Mrs. Martin, I would love to get your template for the welcome and info brochures... I am actually surprised that the day passes were $75. I thought the were $100 each, but that stinks that you couldn't get a deal since you brought so many vendors to the hotel... I think leaving the OOT bags with the receptionist is a good idea. Just curious, how much do you think I should tip them to do that?...That dessert sounds like a good idea.
  21. First off, thank you so much for the review. It is very helpful. I did have a couple of questions for you. Do you get any kind of agenda ahead of time for the day of the wedding? Did you do any kind of wedding program for your guests if you did have an agenda? Also, how long did you have the photographer stay for? Was it difficult to get a day pass for them? Did you do OOT bags? I was hoping I could put them in all my guest's rooms before they arrived but I don't know how difficult that will be. Sorry for the million questions. Overall, it sounds great. I guess maybe I should skip the cake upgrade though, huh?
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Martin Hi all, Regarding the mariachi, I actually hired an outside mariachi because RIU charges $800 a set (45 minutes) to use their house mariachi. Even paying an outside mariachi plus day passes for each one was still cheaper than using RIU's. Did you think it was worth it to hire the mariachi? I'm debating on that versus using recorded music on my ipod. Do you think you would you even be able to hear the recorded music on the beach?
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