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  1. Hi Girls, I just got back from the Cabo and a week honeymoon in Nicaragua today. My wedding was at the Cabo Surf Hotel on Feb 16th and it was amazing. I need to get back to reality and then I will write my review of vendors etc. This forum was amazing and it really helped in the planning. Not sure what I would have done without it. Janet was especially helpfull! (thank you!) Anyone getting married at the CSH will be very happy. Armando was great and everything was perfect! Full review coming, I promise. Lisa
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BRIDEZILLA Ooops.... Sorry, I had more questions about Cabo Surf.... 1. Do you have the option to bring your own bev? If so what was the coorage/mixer fees like? 2. Do you use them for the cake? 3. How much did you have to spend on transportation to get your guests there? Thanks!! Hi, I haven't been on the forum in a while. Work is killing me! I am getting married at the CSH on the 16th of Feb. My guests are staying downtown and I am staying for 1 night (friday). Armando did not charge me a site fee beacuse I explained that I did not know everyone's budget but some people may stay. I am doing a bar by consumption and not bringing any wine etc. I am having pitchers of margaritas on the tables. I am using Ixchel (ask for Monica) and she is charging 10pp round trip. They are picking up at 3 different locations downtown and will schedule 2 pickups to go home. Let me know if you have any more questions. Hopefully I will have some time surf the forum before I leave this friday. This forum is awesome and has been a great help. kudos to everyone on it! Lisa
  3. We are getting married at the Cabo Surf Hotel but everyone is staying in downtown Cabo. I am providing the transportation. I knew I would eliminate people if the hotel was too expensive. I provided a list of hotels within all budgets. Lisa
  4. I actually booked Mariachi Los Cabos International to play for my wedding in Feb. 2007. Jose has been very responsive and I have been dealing with him via email. He has always resonded. I have heard they are very good. You can tell him I recommeded you. mariachiloscabosi@hotmail.com Lisa
  5. Wow. That is great. How long do these rates apply? I am getting married Feb 16. and I would probably need a couple of Vans/Suburbans. Lisa
  6. Thanks Natasha. I will do some hunting around. You review sounded so great I thought they would be a lot of fun. Lisa
  7. Great review Natasha! I am considering the Salsa dancers. Do you have a contact? Lisa
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by JANET1111 Valerie, they are stargazer lillies. I had ordered "starfighter" lillies but they look more like stargazer to me. (Just to a google image search to see the difference). I didn't really care much that they weren't exactly what I ordered because the blooms that I got from The Flower Cart were just so huge and gorgeous that I loved them instantly. The best part is that I paid $250 total for all my flowers (5 bouquets, 5 bouts, 2 corsages, 7 centerpieces worth)! And we had enough extra leftover after the wedding to put little vases of them all over our honeymoon suite. It was such a special treat all week to have a little piece of the wedding with us. Hey Janet, Your flowers are beautiful and what a great deal. Where did you get your flowers? Lisa
  9. Janet, Thanks for the awesome detailed review. I am so excited our venue is the Cabo surf hotel too! Now enjoy the honeymoon!!! Lisa
  10. Sarah, I am actually having my dinner and no dancing. A couple of years ago my brother got married in the islands and we were there for the entire week. We partied hard all week and the wedding was Sat night. They had dinner and during dessert some people got up an spoke (unplanned) and then some of us went out for drinks after. They had music playing in the backround and it was perfect. Lisa
  11. Janet, Congrats!!!! You look awesome and I am so glad you thought the Cabo surf hotel was perfect. Now I am really excited about getting married there! I can't wait to see more pictures and read your review! Enjoy the honeymoon! Lisa
  12. Thanks! I will have to check the Tommy Bahama site. One more question, I couln't find your review. Where did you post it. I am dying to read it. I actuially hire the same mariachi band so I am really excited. Lisa
  13. Found this while surfing the net: Creaciones y Fantasías Duve Pescador 163 B esq Pase Marinos, Col Chamizal San José del Cabo 142-3595 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Florería La Flor de Liz Pescador s/n & Draga San José del Cabo 142-3848 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Florería Los Girasoles Carret. Transp. #1, Km 32, Casi esq. Manuel Doblado San José del Cabo 142-3168, 142-0277, 142-1222 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Florería Patricia Morelos Casi esq. Con A. Obregon Cabo San Lucas 143-0718 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Flower Cart Corner of Hidalgo & Emiliano Zapata Streets Cabo San Lucas 143-5344
  14. Hi Maria Elena, Your pictures are awesome and everything looks perfect!! I love your husband's shirt. Where did he get it? Lisa
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