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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by leo17 amdecker, I would love to hear how your wedding went once you get back and have time. im still trying to figure out the translation of our birth certificates. Wow, sorry I have not checked this site in awhile. Here is the link to my wedding review. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...e+Las+Americas Let me know if you have any additional questions. I'll be happy to answer them (in a more timely fashion, I promise!)
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by 2010 Bride! Thanks for your help everyone. Last night we were able to trim the list to 3 resorts. We are now looking at Secrets Maroma, Excellence Playa Mujeres and Dreams Riviera Cancun as our child friendly option. Time to hit these specific threads! Good luck with your search! I think picking the hotel was one of the most stressful part of planning the wedding for me. I just ended up picking one without ever having visited and it worked out great in the end.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by michellemon Great review sounds like you had a great time cant wait till sept when we go ! Would love to see more pics! Thanks for great review it gives us a good idea of how our day will go . What time was your wedding ? Did you use the hotel salon for hair/make-up/nails ? I will definitely post more pictures. Just have to find them since I recently moved The wedding was at 5pm and I did use the hotel for my hair. Everyone else did their own. I didn't have any idea what I wanted to do with my hair so I picked something out of one of the books the hotel sa
  4. OK, I finally posted my RPLA review! Sorry it took so long, but in the last 2 months I got married, moved and changed jobs so I have been a little crazed! Enjoy and let me know if you need any other details or would like to see more pictures! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ght=Riu+Cancun
  5. Food- Fantastic! No one in our group ever got sick (at least not from food). In fact, most people raved about the food. Unlike Mrs. Martin, I was not able to get our entire group reservations for a “welcome dinnerâ€. I was a little irritated by that but that evening everyone showed up at different times so the buffet ended up being a good choice. For the wedding day, we reserved El Romero steakhouse. It was so beautiful to be outside for the dinner. It was a little warm at first but once the sun went down it was perfect. The food was great, especially the flaming dessert! We also had wedding
  6. Amy’s wedding review-Riu Palace Las Americas 9-11-09 I have to start off this review with a shout out to BDW forum. This website has been instrumental in my wedding planning and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the helpful comments and for posting the DIY projects. I especially want to thank Mrs. Martin, I took your advice and picked this hotel without ever having visited it beforehand and I couldn’t have been more pleased! (I’m also following Mrs. Martin’s review layout). Hotel- I love this hotel! It was so nice and conveniently located in the hotel zone. It’s close
  7. I have had this same issue as other brides have mentioned. My biggest gripper was my grandmother. She went on 2 vacations out of the country right before my wedding but didn't want to come to the wedding because it was "too expensive and she didn't want to do an all-inclusive because she didn't eat that much". REALLY? I guess there is always one in every family. It irritated me but at the end of the day, I had a great group of people who came to the wedding and it was the best day. I wouldn't change a thing. All I can say to the naysayers in my family is this, "No swine flu, no terrorist
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by michellemon Amdecker great to hear your wedding went well . Have you put a detailed review on here anywhere yet ? Cant wait to read it ! I swear, I am about to do it! I have been crazed since I got back. I plan to get it done with some pictures this week.
  9. We were in Cancun from September 8-18, 2009. It was such a great time and we had beautiful weather. It did rain hard in the middle of the night the last night we were there, but that was no big deal. On the day of our wedding, Sept 11, it clouded over and rained out over the ocean but not on land. We had the wedding at 5pm and the clouds had cooled everything down a touch so it wasn't so hot. Plus the clouds made for some really awesome pictures. I could not have asked for a better day! So my advice is to plan your wedding whenever you want and don't worry about the weather!
  10. So everything went so well with the wedding in Cancun! Yeah! This is to everyone on this forum who helped out so much! I will post a detailed review soon but right now everything is so crazy. I have to put together the at-home reception that we will doing this weekend, plus we are in the middle of buying a new house! Its complete craziness right now. I'm so glad we decided to stay at the RPLA though. I can't say enough great things about. Everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks again to everyone, especially Mrs. Martin, you have great taste! P.S. Your baby is too cute! Congrats!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by michellemon hi . hope hope everything was perfect for you amdecker ! cant wait to see your pics and hear a run down of your day . i have just been reading through our wedding brochure and it says included in our packege are the marrage certificate, marrage licence and all registrar fees and there is no need to register our marrage once home ! Does this mean we are legally married or not ? it will be a civil ceromony what we will be having and says it is completely legal under british law. why do you have to make yours legal one home ? I am a bit worried now .
  12. I just returned from my wedding and we used both, but not in the way I thought. We used the petals to line the aisle on the beach and noone used the bubbles until the reception. But the whole wedding went so well that I don't have a single complaint. In fact, I was so preoccupied, I don't think I would have even noticed.
  13. Just an FYI... I just got back from our wedding in Cancun (symoblic ceremony) at the Riu Palace Las Americas. It went so well! The officiant was fantastic. She said the nicest things and at the end, had us sign a document (a certificate that is not official but looked like it was). Those in our party that didn't know it wasn't legal were none the wiser. I wish I knew the name of the officiant, she was fantastic and I didn't get a chance to thank her. We didn't have to show anything and aren't getting legally hitched until later on. But to us, its just paperwork. We will alw
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JT3 Has anyone done sarongs? If so where can you purchase them? Thanks Cute idea. You can actually get them cheap in Cancun. I was just there and they were selling them everywhere!
  15. I hope we don't have to have any documentation for the symbolic ceremony because I don't. I guess I better check with the WC!
  16. That is really cute! I completely forgot about a guest book! I guess I'm just gonna have to run out and get something real quick since I leave for wedding next week! Where did the time go?
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by echo2_62 I'm just curious - does everyone just take their OOT bags down with them, or has anyone sent them by courier ahead of time? I'm just worried that I won't have enough luggage space for all the things I'll need to bring with me! I'm taking mine with me. If I don't have enough room in my luggage, (I'm going to practice pack this week) then I will split some things up for my family to carry. I was considering sending it down beforehand but I didn't know who would receive the package or what they would do with it. I would be really upset if the things I
  18. We leave September 8th. I can't believe it's so close! So exciting!!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Regine Hi All, I am new to the site and i am moving to the Fairfax Va area with my Fiance next week! I'm so excited. I would Love to chat with other brides! We are planning a Oct 2010 wedding in the Dominican Republic. Loooking forward to hearing from you, Regine BTW... how do i post a pic? Can anyone help? Congrats on moving! Welcome to Northern VA traffic! I love the area though, always something to do! To post pictures, I just got a Photobucket account. That way you can resize pictures the way you want, copy the code and paste it into the bo
  20. Allisa, your list made me realize I forgot to do a few things! For example, insure the rings, totally forgot about that! Thanks for posting your list!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by NaM Our resort needs our marriage certificate to prove we are actually married. Since we are doing symbloic, they don't want to lose money on blood tests and ministers fee...therefore they need proof of our union. This is why I said it depends on your resort because I'm sure some don't require it at all, ours did. Humm, interesting. That was not something I even asked the hotel, but I'm pretty sure they don't need anything. At least, they didn't say they needed anything. I am getting married sometime beforehand. (Honestly, I should probably get on that, I h
  22. amdecker


    Enjoy! I have found so much useful information on this forum. It has helped me with so much of my wedding planning! Good luck!
  23. Good reminder, I don't think i have used that in awhile!
  24. Understandable. The forum has been running much faster lately. I'll get to posting!
  25. Quote: Originally Posted by Love3 where would one get letter initals? I don't want to have to order them! I don't mind blinging them up as there are rhinestones that are sticky and that should be easy I just need the letters I know you said you didn't want to order the cake topper initials, but they have them available at Oriental trading really cheap ($20!) In fact, I got my wedding cake topper from there. Here is a pic...
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