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  1. I ordered the suits on Jan. 12 and we did the measurements ourselves. We had a little delay because the best man is kinda a big guy. An employee at Studio Suits emailed me to make sure the measurements were right before they started making the suits (I got the email on Jan. 14th). We reconfirmed the measurements and they got started. So from order to my door it took about 3 weeks. I was a little nervous being so close to the wedding date and reading what others said about the package being stuck in customs. But they sent me the tracking number with FedEx and there were no problems at all.
  2. we just got our suits today (3 total). they shipped them on Monday from India and we received them today in Texas. Pretty amazing! My FI tried it on and he LOVES it! It is a perfect fit and I think he's going to get used to a custom made suit! Thank you to all the ladies for posting your comments and pictures. It definitely gave me confidence in the company and it couldn't have worked out any better!
  3. I just ordered mine today (1/12/10) - 3 suits total. I'll let you know how they look!
  4. I haven't used that sight, but thanks for sharing it. They do have a lot of really cute stuff at a good price.
  5. I'm thinking about doing this for the AHR to save money. We'll have time to put the arrangements together. Has anyone done this? I'm afraid of what will actually be delivered. If you have done this, what sites are reliable? I live in Austin and I don't think there is a flower district we could go to to get them. I could get the flowers in Austin or San Antonio, if any brides out there know a local place to get the flowers... Thanks for any help!
  6. I'm SOOO happy you posted this and a picture of the final product! I've wanted to try it out because I also want to do this for the AHR. Thank you!!!
  7. That's so cute! I love that idea! Thanks for sharing it.
  8. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I can't wait to see pictures of them on your cakes!
  9. I love your wedding band. it's similar to what I want. did you have it custom made??
  10. I love how you put the wedding events on the back of the Do Not Disturb tag. Great planning thread! Very thorough!
  11. I'm so sorry you're having a hard time. I'm also having a difficult time - i went dress shopping yesterday and was lucky enough to find THE dress! But on sale it's $3500. We figured out it averages $500 an hour! Not really worth it in the grand scheme of things. So for now I'm just bummed out and then I'll go dress shopping again. I'll find the "almost" dress and be happy. good luck in your search.
  12. This is great! I've been researching the lanterns that have LED lights already in them and I love this DIY idea! I'm definitely doing it! Thanks for sharing the idea!
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