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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by randilynng Has anyone renewed their vow as Riu Ocho Rios? From what I've gotten information on we have to pay for the Classic wedding package. It's just going to be the two of us, and I only want a bouquet and some pictures - possibly my hair done. Any info you can give me about vow renewals specifically would be helpful as Chandlyn is not so quick to respond to my questions. Thanks a bunch! I just renewed my vows at the RIU. The RIU does have a free wedding package (look on the website to see what it includes). Whatever you don't need, you don't have to have. We paid $165 for our vowel renewal and we didn't have to stay for a certain amount of time to get it. The only thing that you may need is a copy of your marriage certificate to verify that you're already hitched (although they didn't even ask for mine). I don't know a lot about Sandals, but the RIU is right next door to one and the RIU is much better by far (in my opinion). The RIU is huge and there is so much to do. The staff is wonderful, the food is great, there is entertainment and tours, etc. You'd have a wonderful time. If you and your hubby want to keep it intimate, you can still have that for your ceremony. You do not have to purchase the Classic package if you dont want to have all of the other extras. We used the Free package and just added on stuff that we wanted. It worked out very well. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask about anything else.
  2. Wow, Heidi your pics look great! I'm so excited for you. I'll be looking for that wedding of yours (I'll be out there because my ceremony is on Saturday). Have a question though: I love the sand ceremony thing! Where'd you get the sand?
  3. The pics of the pond gazebo are really nice, but I'm all for the beach scene too. Does anybody have any pics of the beach gazebo?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by naga0066 Thanks! I apprecaite it... I just confirmed my wedding but it isn't until Jan 2009 so I don't want to bombard Chandlyn with questions just yet. It would be great to know though! Also, have you seen the wording for the renewal of the vows verse a regular ceremony? So finally I got a response about docs for vow renewal ceremonies: We do apologies for this late respond. If you are going do a Renewal Of Vows there is no need for documentation. Regards Nekeisha Wedding Assistant So there you have it! No required docs.
  5. No I haven't seen any wording yet. We're having an elder from our church as our officiant so I'm hoping he has something to show me before we go otherwise I'll have to do some searching just in case they don't have anything. Or, we'll do our own vows. Chandlyn STILL hasn't replied to that email about the required docs. I resent it today and hopefully she gets back to me very soon because my next step would be to call somebody above her and she does not want to deal with that because that would not be pretty (for somebody). So standby for that info... Congrats on finally setting your date though.
  6. We're getting married April 5, 2008 (the day after Heidi!); we'll be there from the 2nd to the 9th.
  7. I think I'm going with the beach towel for our OOT bags. Hey Jenn, what kind of designs did they have to choose from? What did your towels look like?
  8. Those pics were gorgeous! I really loooove the color of those dresses. I posted a pic of my bridesmaid dress. Although I would've gone with a blue I thought I might break that blue up a bit. What do u all think? B.Dress.doc
  9. misstoya

    New Here!

    to the BDW! You'll have no problem finding info here. It's awesome. Congrats and happy planning!
  10. naga0066, we got married already so we're also doing the renewal of vows ceremony. I emailed Chandlyn today asking that very question about the required documents for our ceremony since we don't need a license and I'll post her response when I get it.
  11. This is great! I was planning to get some generic travel guide for Jamaica that I could find, but I like this much better! Thank you. You ladies are awesome.
  12. Welcome back and congratulations! I'm happy that your wedding went so well. My wedding is a little over a month away and the good reviews definitely make me feel better as I'm starting to get a little nervous - especially about all of the little details. Thanks for the review and PICS PLEASE! Question: can anything be sent to the resort to meet you (any little extra things) or should we just plan to bring it all with us when we travel? Also, if you book the disco, is there room to have the dinner there as well? Is that even an option?
  13. CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you and your new hubby. For every great review that the RIU gets it makes me feel a little better. Our wedding is coming up soon and I'm getting quite nervous. I actually had nightmare that the whole thing went terribly wrong. Sad huh? haha Your pics were amazing and that suite is awesome! Nice tub! Did the bouquets come from the resort? Also, when do you have to book the band? I want the steel band too. I think the guests would really get a kick out of that. Also, do we have to use the resort's officiant? We have an Elder from our church coming that we'd like to be our officiant. Again, congrats on such a beautiful wedding! Wish you and your hubby all the best.
  14. I'm getting married in a month and I still haven't put together the welcome bags that I want for my guests. Actually I'm still having a hard time figuring out what to put in them. Do any of you have any ideas on where I can get, hopefully personalized, tote bags for a decent price but are cute? And what kind of cute stuff to put in them? I like the idea of having flip flops for everybody too. And maybe having little fans on the chairs for the guests at the ceremony. Help!! At this point, all of the details that I hadn't thought about are starting to haunt me.
  15. How did you put together the welcome bags (I'm assuming they were for guests)? I believe it was pic 41 in the album. That was so cute and I really wanted to do that for my guests.
  16. Your wedding was gorgeous! You looked beautiful and your pics turned out great. I was kind of hesitant to book Michael because I thought it might be just a little too much, but I might just have to splurge on that one. You also have me changing my mind about the disco. The Seagrape sounds great. My wedding is on a Saturday (April 5th this year). The Seagrape is available on saturdays? or is it just the beach reception thats not available (I thought I read in a previous reply that one of the two wasn't an option for a saturday wedding)? I'm kind of stressing out because we have about 40 or so days left and I haven't even been able to get in touch with Chandlyn over the phone to figure out anything. Thank you so much for giving the break down because we would've gotten there and been blindsided with all of this at once. Also, do they do credit cards down there or do we have to travel with a bunch of cash?
  17. misstoya

    New Bride

    Wow, you guys are quick. hahaha Thanks for the warm welcome! Our wedding is this year, in April. We are having our wedding at the Riu Ocho Rios and I've spent a lot of time already looking at different posts on other people getting married there. This site is crazy!! I wish I had found it a lot earlier. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions. Somehow I don't think I'll have any trouble finding people to help though.
  18. Wow! I just joined the site too because I was told that there was alot of ROR brides here. Our wedding is on April 5th!! Congrats to all of you!
  19. misstoya

    New Bride

    Hello All, MissToya here. My wedding is scheduled for April 5th in Jamaica. Some other brides pointed me to this site because it has so much information about pretty much everything that has to do with a wedding so I thought I'd try it. Congrats to all of you brides and also to all of the newlyweds!
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