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  1. You looked amazing...I LOVE your dress! Congrats and welcome back~!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutodd AWWW I LOVE THOSE FLOWERS!! Ok.. where are the rest of your pictures. I'm curious to see because I may end up using Chris as well due to all the problems that are occurring with outside photographers. Thank you!! I love them too Kodakgallery.com*Join now and receive beautiful photographic prints from your camera
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JamaicaBride08 All of my flowers were calla lilies...here is a link to a few pics. Try this again...sorry! Kodakgallery.com*Join now and receive beautiful photographic prints from your camera
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutodd Thanks for the responses guys.. JamaicaBride08 - you have the same type of flowers I would like at my wedding. How beautiful!! Do you have pictures of your bouquets?? All of my flowers were calla lilies...here is a link to a few pics.
  5. Here is what I spent: Seagrape Welcome Cocktail $400 (10 p/p open bar private) Flowers $1000 (Bridal and 5 bridesmaids calla lillies, 6 guys, flower girl petals) Steele Drum Band during Ceremony $350 Beach Arch $200 2 extra bottles of champagne for after ceremony $30 "symbolic ceremony charge" (we legally got married here) $165 Seagrape Reception $400 (10 p/p open bar private) DJ for 3 hours $350 Tipping for everyone... $250-300?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by geology_rocks I've seen several couples have done the sand ceremony at ROR. I was wondering a few things. -Was there an extra charge to set-up and perform the sand ceremony? no extra charge-Chandlyn takes care of the set-up -Did you bring the vows with you and if so, did you have to put in instructions like "bride pours sand now" etc? or did the officiant kind of direct the pouring? We brought our own vows (attached), but it just seemed obvious when to pour. I just talked through it with my husband so he knew when to start pouring as well.-Did anyone us
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet did you have to ask for that or was it an option you could pick?? Thanks...I didn't think that would even be a consideration. I would make sure that you specify that you do want rum in your meeting. When I was in planning stages like 6 mths ago, a lot of the brides said to make sure that you specify if you DON'T want rum because otherwise they automatically put it in there. Chandyln asked me if I wanted rum. I prefer to drink my rum so I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't in the cake. Good luck!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet Maybe there is somewhere in Ochy that sells cakes. Chandyln could go get it for you Not sure, ask her ..she seems to be pretty accomodating so she may be able to help. I would love to have chocolate cake..*lol* sounds funny in jamaica but I love chocolate cake Our cake was chocolate with like a whipped cream frosting.... Honestly, the cake wasn't even important to us, and it ended up being one of the best desserts that we had when we were there! Just ask Chandlyn in your meeting!
  9. You can actually have rum in the cake that RIU makes... I asked to confirm that we didn't have rum and Chandlyn said that having rum is definitely an option. This is an option even with the free cake.
  10. We went to Tensing Pen for our honeymoon and LOVED it! My review is posted on Tripadvisor. Let me know if you want pics and I will email you. I also have a wedding coordinator (is an American who moved to Jamaica)contact who has done weddings there if you want.
  11. We used the DJ and I brought 3 burned CD's in the order that I wanted them played. At first the DJ seemed a little "annoyed" that he couldn't play whatever music, but he ended up asking me if he could burn copies half-way through! It ended up working out perfectly. We played a lot of Bob Marley in the beginning, but went to some traditional 50's, 60's then to some new top 40 at the end.
  12. We didn't get any of that either, but we did get the ocean suite upgrade. We were even half-expecting the breakfast, but we ended up waking up and meeting family/friends anyways! Maybe you should ask Chandlyn in your meeting about the breakfast?
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