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  1. I've already been in contact with them and reserved our date and time. The problem is it's $465 for the ceremony since we don't have 5 rooms. If we were to have the 5 rooms the ceremony would be free. That's why I'm going back and forth with this. Is it really worth it to spend $465 just for two people on the beach when I really don't want all the other "frills" included in the package. Thanks for your helps so far!
  2. Has anyone renewed their vow as Riu Ocho Rios? From what I've gotten information on we have to pay for the Classic wedding package. It's just going to be the two of us, and I only want a bouquet and some pictures - possibly my hair done. Any info you can give me about vow renewals specifically would be helpful as Chandlyn is not so quick to respond to my questions. Thanks a bunch!
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