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  1. Welcome to the site!! Hawaii is awesome!!!
  2. Wow.. one of my girl friends came over with a wedding gift for us which turned out to be this exact set!! She got us blue sand (for him) and pink sand (for me). She's soooo thoughtful!!!!! A little last-minute though.. seeing as we are getting whisked off to the airport at 5am tomorrow for our wedding trip!! So we decided to just bag some sand home and we'll do the sand thing here instead of in Mexico.
  3. omg you missed your flight! Oh no!!! Did you get the next flight out?
  4. omg we are leaving tomorrow for our 8am flight!! I am sooo excited!!!!!!!!!
  5. oh my gosh, girls.. it's next week!!!! I have most things set aside but not physically packed into the suitcase yet. I'm thinking of bringing the wedding gown in a garment bag as a carry on.. I don't want to risk losing it or getting it wrinkled too badly in a suitcase full of stuff. We're going to buy travel insurance on Friday, then we leave on Sunday!!
  6. Do you have to bring your legal marriage certificate to Mexico for the symbolic ceremony?
  7. Are you bringing your dress as a carry-on or packing it away in luggage?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jillhigginsphotography Okay...for you girls trying to talk your guys into it, here are a few things that may help. I copied and pasted some of these thoughts into a word document one time and never did anything with them. They are random quotes from a couple of websites... It is food for thought anyway. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ How the tradition of not seeing each other was started… In Medieval times, a bride and groom were not even allowed to meet each other until the actual wedding ceremony. This was so neither one could back out if, when they saw the person, they would not want to be married to them! This ancient custom has carried forth to the 90's where now people feel it is bad luck to see each other before the ceremony. In fact, there is no basis to the success or longevity of a marriage if the bride and groom wait to see each other until the ceremony. Reasons to see each other (found online)… It is a special moment when the couple first sees each other. When it is done before the ceremony, they can talk to each other and express how they like the way the other one looks! This is what each one wants to know anyway, but a ceremony itself is not the place for a bride and groom to talk to each other and tell each other what they are thinking. The moment they first see each other also makes a wonderful candid photo! It adds to the stress to not see each other and it actually reduces stress when the couple DOES see each other first. When the flowers, hair, make-up and clothes are all new and fresh is the best time to take pictures. This can be especially true for a hot and/or humid day. The bride and groom can choose any location within a half hour drive of the ceremony to take pictures. There are many beautiful spots that have water, trees, flowers, grass, nice sky, impressive architecture, etc. that would not be practical to visit after a ceremony. •The air is filled with an electric anticipation of the day’s events to come. •Afterwards, things happen; People hug, People cry. Mascara runs, lipstick smears, and flowers wilt. •People's thoughts turn toward other issues. 'how fast can I get out of these shoes', 'this is a hosted bar, right?' •This moment is likely to be the last opportunity until the evening is over for a private romantic embrace. •This is the very best opportunity, for us as your photographers, to capture the thrill of you seeing each other for the first time. •Everyone cooperates because everyone is relaxed. •What about the Grand Entrance?! •Won't this idea 'kill the thrill?' Hardly, but don't ask us, ask any bride or groom. •When the music begins, the guests rise, and the bride appears and walks down the aisle to meet her groom, the beautiful vision many brides dream of, remains intact. •In contrast, the few who have waited with rising anxiety don't clearly remember the experience. •Stage fright is rampant, formality is the rule. •The groom is standing at the altar - how can he be himself? •He can't kiss you, can't tell you how beautiful you are or how lovely you look in that dress. •Hugs aren't generally allowed, but with a private moment before the ceremony he can do all that and more. •Perhaps the first time that the bride and groom see each other can be richer when it's for their eyes only rather than on a stage. wow that is all good points listed here. Now the question is do we have time to sneak away for photos before the ceremony.. or should we do them the next morning? And when do we schedule in the TTD session? That would definitely have to be after the ceremony, or the next morning.
  9. Oh wow!! I stayed at the Red Rock Casino & Resort Spa earlier this month from Jan 5-8.. it was amazing!!! You'll love it there if you do decide to book it there!!
  10. Welcome to the forum!! I am booked for a wedding there on Aug 8, 2008!! Any questions, feel free to ask!!
  11. I was at the RM in October 2007, and stayed at the Grand Sirenis. The weather was beautiful, around 30C, a little brisk at night, you'd need to bring a light jacket or a long sleeve on some nights. We would get the occassional afternoon shower around 3pm and it would only last about 5 minutes. It didn't rain hard, it was just light and you're fine walking around in the rain if you are dressed for it (in your swimwear as opposed to dry clothes) The thing about afternoon showers is that the weather is still warm, it cools down the temperature about a degree or two so it's not sweltering lilke BandE2008 said.. but give it a couple minutes and the sun has you hot again!
  12. It happened after work yesterday, we were discussing wedding plans and such.. I had JUST received confirmation from the WC yesterday morning that our wedding is reserved at the Grand Riviera Princess for 08/08/08. We were discussing the wedding party, he hasn't asked his groomsmen yet and he said that he didn't want to ask them until it's "official", and I said "Anytime's a good time!!" regarding making it official!!! haha.. So we've been throwing around the idea of getting our papers signed here at home first and then having the renewal of vows ceremony at the DW instead of the civic ceremony (to save on paperwork, translations, blood tests, etc).. And he showed me the calender and pointed out what day he wanted to get our papers signed on (which just so happens to be on his birthday). We've been planning our DW for months now, I've bought my wedding gown and everything, selected my BM's, notified our parents, etc.. But still no ring and no proposal!! So in my mind, I'm thinking "is this his way of proposing to me?" But no.. Anyway we're going over wedding plans, he's hugging me and kissing me as we're in the computer room, then he gets me to close my eyes and tells me he has a surprise for me. Then I open my eyes to see him holding open a ring box from Blue Nile, with this big grin on his face!! So I hug him and kiss him, and hug him some more.. and wait... and nothing... So i said "Do you have something to ask me?" lol!! And he replies "I'm so nervous!!" so I hug him some more.. and he proceeds to ask "Will you do the honor of taking my hand in marriage?" and I'm like "OF COURSE!!!!" and throw my arms around him....... And he says "I've been meaning to give this to you earlier.. but it just arrived from FedEx today".. Awww!! So sweet!!!!
  13. Make sure you post a review with pics after your wedding!! The wedding packages didn't say anything about spa services to get your hair done.. So I'm assuming it's an extra cost.
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