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    Symbolic vs Civil ceremony?

    We are dong the symbolic as well. We rented a private small function room at the Common Man for this Saturday night and the JP is meeting us there. Both our parents and my cousin and his wife will be present. We are not telling the rest of the family. They will just think we are getting married on the island.
  2. cheribeth

    Picking a Resort

    I thought I posted this today but maybe I didnt... Here are a few things to think about while planning: Where your fliying out of. We are flying out of Boston Mass, rather then Manchester NH because it is much cheaper. Mass is about 1 1/2 hours from us where Manchester is 30 min. The days you are flying on matters a lot as well. Saturday to Saturday was more expensive. I went with Friday to Friday and it made it much cheaper... We are getting married at Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana We paid 1250 a person, that includes our flight, tax, transportation to and from the resort, the resort price including all drinks food and every room is a Jr suite.
  3. cheribeth

    Group Rate Costs

    I know IM a little late to this but here are some things that may help to keep the prices down. Use the cheapers aiport to fly out of. I live closer to the Manchester airport in NH. But it is much cheaper to fly out of the Boston aiport in Mass, that is a little over 1 1/2 hours from us. Also be carefull with the days you pick to fly. Our price quote jumped way up when we picked Saturday to Saturday, So we went with Friday to Friday. Our price including tax, flight, JR suite, transportation to and from resort came to 1250 a person. Thats a great deal!! we booked at Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana ... Suppose to be a 5 Star resort and all rooms are Jr Suites. Cheri
  4. cheribeth

    Steve's Corner Bar

    I will fill you all in
  5. cheribeth

    Steve's Corner Bar

    I have read a lot about this place! It seems a lot of people go here. I may check it out as well.
  6. We booked with these guys as well when we go in ! They seem to fill up fast. They are very nice and the booking seemed to be pretty simple. Punta Cana Fishing, Punta Cana Tourist Activities, Dominican Republic Vacations
  7. I actually do believe her! I also do believe she had a lot of trouble getting anyone to help her. For the past two years I’ve been reading some horrible situations people have been put into while in the DR. I think it is great that she has put up such a fuss as well! Maybe this will teach people working at these resorts to think twice about stealing from people! I also believe there are way more, better experiences then bad. But a story like this prepares us for what we need to look out for! Now I wonder if I should be leaving my ring home!!
  8. cheribeth

    Gran Bahia DR

    do you have any photos to share? Did you send all your docs out to get translated or did you marry before you went there?
  9. cheribeth

    Pictures before the wedding?

    Those are good ideas.. Chad and I have been together for almost 9 years, so him seeing me before doesnt bother me much at all..
  10. I wanted to see what people thought about pictures before the wedding? I really want nice beach pictures, we are getting married under a pretty gazebo at 6pm.. So I am afraid getting married that late we wont get good pictures at the beach. I was thinking of getting up early in the AM when a lot of people are not on the beach , getting out there for 8am showered in my dress, and my fiance and MOH and bestman, getting pics done at the beach.. Going back to the room taking everything off, and then getting dressed at night again for the wedding.. UGH seems like a lot of work..
  11. cheribeth

    Civil "at home" ceremony

    Can a notary marry you? You dont have to go to the courthouse?
  12. cheribeth

    At Home Reception

    Oh I sent out save the date magnets.. I got them off EBAY for $50. for 100 of them and they came out awesome..
  13. cheribeth

    At Home Reception

    I am getting married March 31st and having my reception June 7th.. We are having it in my fiances parents. I am just renting a big white tent, chairs, tables and hiring a band. A lot of family will bring food (almost like a pot luck). My mom wants me to purchase a wedding cake, so we will use the topper we bought for the wedding, at the reception.. We may weare what we are wearing at the wedding, because the dress I purchased is very casual. My dress Lavahut - Hawaiian Aloha Shirt, Tropical Wedding Dress, Matching Family Clothing, Island Luau Gifts & Pali Hawaii Sandals :: Women :: Hawaiian Dress :: Wedding Dress :: na'ni lo'a makama'e hawaiian dress
  14. I paid the deposite for the best man and my best lady..
  15. I didnt even think about walking down the aisle.. we only have two other couples joining us.. One is my fiances aunt and uncle and the other is my cousin and his wife (my bestfriend). I guess I will walk alone hehe.. I wish my mom could afford to go, I would have her walk me..