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  1. Thanks so much! You just calmed my nerves some! I'm getting married there in 2 weeks. How many guests did you have?
  2. Deighton

    Post your "Must Have" wedding songs

    Y'all rock!!! Thanks for the songs! It helps tremendously! It's amazing how many great songs there are
  3. Deighton

    Riu cabo question

    Daniela sent me an email saying that they don't have an on-site steamer....they send it off, so they need to know in advance so it will be back to the resort in time.
  4. Deighton

    Bridal Party Costs

    I paid for all their dresses. They picked out different styles in the same color so they got a dress they like. I know it's a lot, but it's not nearly as much as they're doing for me! BUT, I've also got money saved, so it was budgeted out. It's up to you. They'll appreciate anything you do, I'm sure. You can probably find some great dresses right now for good prices since it's dress season :-)
  5. I'm planning on renting out the disco as well. Even if it is fairly empty, it's better to just rent it out just in case. Also, 500 is not bad for dj and open bar and private event! Go for it! Are you getting married on the beach?
  6. Deighton

    Destination Wedding Timeline

    Wow! I'm impressed! Your not getting married until January? I'm getting married in 2 months, and I have no idea of a timeline for the big day! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by FinisterraBride LOL! I thought to myself "wow she is really getting ready for her wedding, doing her hair and getting in her dress" I have no idea why I thought that... I thought that, too!!! Hahaha!!! So glad you sent that page...I've been having the hair dilemma as well, and that's the best page I've seen for long hairstyles. Thanks!!!
  8. Deighton

    Receptions at the RIU??

    Quote: Originally Posted by sarahbrown1979 If you pay the $500 for the terrace at the Mexican Restaurant you have the Terrace for the whole night - 6:30-11:00. Dinner, dancing, etc. This includes food, wine, beer and champagne. If you choose a semi-private reception it is free, but only for the hour and 45 minutes. depending on the size of your party they will seat other hotel patrons near you. So since the terrace apparently holds about 80, or so I've been told, would it be safe to say that if my party is 75 then we'd have a "private" reception at no charge? Anyone experienced this? I'm really getting nervous about this WC since I've heard nothing positive about her!
  9. Deighton

    Guests inviting guests?

    It's good to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this. My FI seemed to think I was overreacting to this situation when it happened the 2nd or 3rd time, but now I feel justified in feeling this way. It's so annoying! I don't want to feel like we're being used as a 'vacation' just because we're having our wedding in Cabo. I hope no one else asks this of me because I think I've reached my limit. I understand about the whole "they'll have more fun if they bring someone," but there's gotta be a limit.
  10. I agree on 2! It's more DW and it looks more comfortable. But if you're not set on either one, then try some more on! This is the only time you can do it, so enjoy :-)
  11. Maura, do you work? How do you find time for all this It's impressive...maybe you should become a wedding coordinator! ;-)
  12. Then I say go with #1. Elegant, not too simple, but not too much either... You can't really go wrong with most of them...
  13. Deighton

    Accommodations before the wedding

    Ok, I wasn't sure if the resort would work with you on this one...I figured not. What do they care? Thanks, girls...
  14. I love it! Of course it always looks stupendous on those models...
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Get it made and get exactly what you want at an affordable price. I got my ring at RB and I love it! I can't find a pic though on the Internet and I don't know what brand it is. My FI picked it out himself. And he did a damn good job, let me tell you!!