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How to Make Your Own Customized Cake Topper


It's no secret that we brides love Etsy and often use it for DIY inspiration. When I saw some of their cute felt cake toppers I decided to try my hand at making my own. Note: I was attempting this project to see if I liked it, so I made this one very quickly as a test. I plan to re-do a final version a bit more meticulously now that I've decided it's a keeper!


The Inspiration:



The Supplies:



- Swatches of felt in wedding colors (.50 each at Michael's)

- Baker's twine to string the letters (or the thread/ribbon/string of your choice)

- Skewers to attach everything to and insert into the cake (or you could try it with cute striped paper straws!)

- Scissors

Note: needles are also pictured, but since my letters were small I found that when I threaded the needle and pulled it through the felt it tore. I abandoned that plan and ultimately glued the letters directly to the baker's twine with tacky glue.


1. Draw block letters onto the felt in your desired phrase and size and cut out.

2. Cut out a length of twine/thread/ribbon.

3. Using tacky glue or your desired attachment method (a needle and thread may work on larger letters), string the letters along the thread.

4. Tie the ends to skewers or paper straws and cut off the excess.

5. Done! A cute, custom cake topper in about 20 minutes!



Cut out Letters



Finished product:





And for fun, here's a badly PhotoShopped version to give an idea of how it will look on a cake:





What do you guys think? Has anyone else tried their hand at making a custom cake topper? I'd love to see other ideas!


UPDATE: Here's the finished topper in action on the wedding day! (It's blowing in the wind so the second "D" looks a little wonky.)


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Guest lyna89


The photoshopped picture looks super cute! I like the way the little banner came out as well! Great idea!


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