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  1. Thank You for sharing !!! This was very helpful !!!
  2. Thank You for sharing ! Can you please share pictures ? I am getting married there in October am so excited but also nervous about it all .
  3. I LOVE IT ! Thanks for you review !!! Can you please share pics ??? I really would like to see the decor and centerpieces . PLEASE !!
  4. @Jenvens7 im scared for you with that Emy girl . I got Renee hope she is good !!
  5. Thank You for your review ! What ballroom did you use ? Did it have a view to the ocean ? What side was it on :Nizuc or Sunrise ? I am trying to pick my reception locations but have no map so this makes it difficult. I would appreciate any help.
  6. Great Appreciate it !!! Can you tell me a little about your ballroom ? We haven't decided on our reception venue. However, I am going to bring my own decorations. The 200$ per table sounds outrageous !! What did you do ? Do you have pics ?? Thanks Again !!!
  7. WOW !! That is horrible !! I am sooooo sorry that happened to you !!! I am sooooo concernced we just booked our wedding there last week !!! We are having a short six month engagement . So my day will be here soon !!! I will definitely look out for that Emy lady !!! I am also going to bring my own DJ for sure !!! The last thing I want is to repeat your unfortunate experience !! Thank you for all the advice !!
  8. I cant read the entire story !!! I want to know what happened ??? Im so sorry !!! It sounds awful from the first few lines I was aloud to read !!!
  9. It all looks so beautiful !! Congrats !!!
  10. ces


    Wow they were beautiful ! Congrats !! How much did you spend on flowers ?
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