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  1. mellie818

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    Hi there - I'm not sure where you are located but my flower lady is located in Pickering at the Flea Market. For bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets and corsages for mothers, groomsmen and father's and toss bouquet was just under $400. I can't post pictures but they turned out beautifully. If you are interested email me at mellie818@hotmail.com Hi there - There's a place called Creative Bag where I got a lot of my wedding decor and supplies. I also made a lot of stuff myself. I will be putting up an ad on Kijiji shortly. If you are interested in pictures of the items, you may email me at mellie818@hotmail.com.
  2. mellie818

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Thank you, I received your email
  3. mellie818

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Hi, no, i didn't receive it, can you please forward it to mellie818@hotmail.com? Thank you!
  4. mellie818

    Jellyfish Restaurant

    Hi there- would you mind sharing all of your price lists with me? I am getting married in almost one month! I had a chance to visit Jellyfish last year and the food is amazing. I also stayed and watched a small wedding. The decor is amazing and Mayte has everything under control!
  5. mellie818

    How to Make Your Own Customized Cake Topper

    so cute!
  6. That's funny, I got mine from the Pickering Flea Market too! They are not real touch but she is very reasonable with pricing. Her name is Doreen but her sister also has a booth in the flea market too. She did a mock up of the bouquets for us last weekend and they were amazing! Thanks - this is useful information!
  7. mellie818

    Hard Clear Plastic Luggage Tags

    are these still available?