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  1. @@Megg My plans are definitely on hold until after the holidays! Way too busy to deal with wedding plans right now... lol I do have all my bridesmaids finally confirmed tho... haha
  2. User Name: Binzster Name: Lindsay & Shane Date: April 29th, 2015 @: Riu Montego Bay Will be there: 04/25-05/05
  3. I booked Brian for our April 29th wedding at Riu Montego Bay, can't wait to work with him
  4. @@brittanymiller500 Thanks for posting some pics! I cant wait to work with him in April 2015!!! Wedding @ Riu Montego Bay and TTD the next day - Brian has suggested some great locations around Mo Bay for TTD, Sooo Excited
  5. Congrats! but wish i could see the pics... they are long expired.... lol
  6. @@Megg Sorry for the delayed response...lol So glad we did not have to get that stupid tent! lol How are your plans going?
  7. @@abullard1 Could i ask who id your hair at the Renova Spa and who would u recommend?
  8. Getting married at the RIU Montego Bay in April 2015..... I have to make a hair appointment for the wedding day and the WC has sent me 2 email addresses. I have no idea who i should choose.... Divina or Corine? Please help me....any feedback is appreciated.
  9. Beautiful! Just curious as too who did your hair at the Renova Spa?
  10. What hair stylist did you use? Im trying to decide between Dyvina or Corine?? help please!!
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