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  1. @@jh0510038, We have about 75 guests and oh boy have the costs added up! I think I remember the tax being 16%, which is really high. Is that the sales tax you were told?
  2. @@jh0510038, I'll be there right after you! I'm still waiting on some confirmations from Ramon as well and am starting to get a bit nervous. We haven't sent our wedding form in because we haven't finalized everything... Ah!
  3. Happy new year ladies! I'm just a few weeks away and it's crunch time! For those doing a night time reception on the terraces, are you going with the extra lights or no lights? I asked Ramon several times and he has reassured me that the standard lighting is sufficient; however, I'm concerned it might still be too dark.
  4. Hi! Agreed; the resort floral prices are out of this world! Which florist are you using?
  5. @@jh0510038, can you also send me the budget sheet you have? I'd like to get a better idea of the costs I may be overlooking - such as tax, tip, etc. My email is jolie.vidal@@gmail.com. Thanks!
  6. Like @@TCM4252015 mentioned, the dress codes are on the website. Looks like most of them are "Casual Elegance" with the exception of the Cafes - Market Cafe, Coco Cafe, and Barefoot Grill - being a bit more casual. Casual Elegance Sneakers/tennis shoes or sandals and dress shirts with short sleeves or shirts are required. Long pants are required for men. No sleeveless shirts or flip-flops allowed. http://www.nowresorts.com/sapphire/gourmet-dining Oh! @@jh0510038, I'm just a couple weeks after you! You'll have to let us know how everything goes!
  7. Hi @@TCM4252015, Thanks for your help! Ramon had mentioned that the space is suitable for 100 people so I will have to double check on this. 2015 will be here before we know it! Hope your planning is going well
  8. Does anyone have some insight on how big the tequila terrace is? Any pictures to share? We are expecting about 80 guests and I'm concerned that there won't be enough room to dance. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  9. Congratulations! Thanks so much for this thorough review. It was so helpful!
  10. I'm doing the barefoot sandals. There are such pretty ones out there.
  11. I might wear a garter (to incorporate my something blue), but we are foregoing the whole garter toss part.
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