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  1. I also got married at DPA last May. We had 40 people and rented out El Patio. My DW confirmed about 6 months in advanced, probably because I kept bugging her about it haha. The only cost to El Patio was the $900 as they close the restaurant for the night. And package is inclusive for up to 20 people. If you have 25 people coming, then you'll need to pay extra for 5 people - that's including food, drinks, chairs etc
  2. I just got back from DPA and my wedding was amazing! I know it's super frustrating about them not getting back, I know I was there too a couple months ago. But they really do know what they are doing and they go over everything once you're there. I heard the same thing about el patio but Areli confirmed el patio about 2 months in advance. She made me fill out a request form and sent it back confirming the restaurant. It is one decision I will never regret! It's a bit pricey but well worth it! I also think depending on the time of year the may be more reluctant to confirm since it may be high season. We went at the start of their slow season. Hair and makeup was amazing at the resort. They did an amazing job. It cost me $265 (incl tax) US for updos for 4 bridesmaids. And I think makeup is $49 or $59 pp Hope that helps!
  3. @@BreMarie...thanks for the info. I just sent my TA the details to look into. We thought the whole 16 rooms was absolutely ridiculous too! We may also run into the issue of having our 51st person paying a significantly higher rate than the first 50. I'm crossing my fingers we stay under 50 people. My only suggestion to future brides is use a travel company...not friends who are TAs. Me and my fiancé feel like we're not getting the best service like we would with a company
  4. Did you guys book with a travel agent who dealt with sunwing? I think we are getting ripped off! We have been told that after the 16th room we get the 17th free. Everywhere I read or hear, most people get book 11 passengers and get the 12th free. Or like yours book 5 room and get the 6th free.
  5. @@awright...did you use the hair and makeup option in your package? I read some not so great reviews, but that was a couple years ago. If you used them, were they good? Did they do exactly what you wanted? I'm tossing the idea of maybe getting a vendor to come and do it. Or take lessons at home, so I can do it myself.
  6. We didn't reserve a block of rooms, actually didn't know we could! What we did is asked our parents and wedding party to place their deposits within 60 or 90 days after us. This secures your group rate. Then we sent out our STDs to everyone. We had some people book right away. I personally wouldn't put the $1000 for the block of rooms. Not sure if you're friends and family are like ours but most of them all so unreliable. We have people who have told us yes they are coming but still make up excuses to why they don't place their deposit. And people who we thought for sure would come, aren't coming (including some family members). However, I think you'll have plenty of time to do it later if you change your mind.
  7. I'm so jealous that you're wedding is so soon! Please post pics and details of your wedding @ Bre Marie I'm getting married next May 2015. We've been engaged since last July, and picked the resort last October. It felt like it was miles away, but now its almost July and I feel like time just flew by. I had been to another Dreams resort for my friend's wedding in Puerto Vallarta. We feel in love with the resort, and knew we wanted our wedding at one too. Just a matter of picking which one
  8. Will you be having another webinar for Dreams Puerto Aventuras? I was unable to attend the one in March, due to family emergency.
  9. Beach balls are a great idea..definitely would have awesome photos from it. But not sure if it'll go so well on a gazebo on the water! Streamers or the most common flower petals will be my choice.
  10. I wasn't planning on having sparkle...but after this I think I'll have to reconsider! I love the pics
  11. It sounds like you had a fantastic time! I honestly can't wait for my wedding to come...another year and 2 months to go
  12. Oh that's too bad! It is such a nice resort. I'm not sure if Las Caletas is exclusively through Vallarta Adventures.
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