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  1. Hi brides to be!! Here are a couple of our favourite ideas for brides and grooms to give eachother (but can totally be used for your wedding parties as well) Gifts from Bride to Groom Traditional: a watch or set of cufflinks are as traditional as it comes. Add in a little personal touch by customizing the cufflinks to match his wedding band, favourite sports team or initials and wedding date. White Truffle, a shop found on Etsy, has some amazing cufflinks that you can customize for your special man. Practical: Last Name Change. If you have decided to take your soon to be hubby’s last name, why not turn this into his gift? Send him a special note or picture of yourself holding up a sign that says “Future Mrs…†Unique: “His day†on your honeymoon! Surprise your guy with a special event/day trip while on your honeymoon that he’d be super into. Since the focal point of the wedding day is really on the bride, it is nice to be able to take a day and celebrate him with his own personal day right after the wedding. Whether it’s a special snorkeling trip, tickets to a game, dinner at the best bbq place around, do what you think he would love! He will love you for it J Gifts from Groom to Bride Traditional: Jewelry…what girl doesn’t love jewelry as a gift? A set of diamond earrings to match her engagement ring is a classic choice. For a more personal touch, think about a charm bracelet with a charm that has some significance to your first date, engagement or other meaningful event the two of you have shared. Practical: Massage appointment – book your wife to be a personal massage at the location she will be at the morning of her wedding. Have the masseuse show up and surprise her. She will be so relaxed and ready to walk down that aisle to you! Unique: A right hand ring- find an antique ring (whether from a store, or something that has been in either of your families that you have touched up to fit her style) with a blue stone. This way, the your bride will have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue all in one gift. These are just a few of our favourite ideas. We would love to hear your suggestions below as what you think would make a great wedding gift, or what you have given! Happy Planning!
  2. Hi Jessica, 4 months is a good time frame as it gives you a good buffer between when all your final details will be due at the hotel and still allows for guests to make their decision into next year. Remember though, you might still have people RSVP after this date that you will have to take into account. I would recommend sending a Save the Date, or reminder to your guests sooner rather than later so they can start to plan, and then send the formal invitation + RSVP card late fall. Happy Planning!
  3. Hi stingerash, I think that giving people two tasks to RSVP is too much - some might forget one and complicate/confuse you. If you are looking for a quick RSVP (which it looks like you are) the website is the best way and most efficient for people as well. Even when placing the stamps on them for your guests already, they are sometimes lost or forgotten about. Happy Planning!
  4. That's a great deal!!! Just make sure that before you purchase you check with you WC to ensure that the hotel allows them. We have had many brides disappointed when they purchased them and then asked us and we had to inform them that unfortunately they were not allowed at the hotel. Happy Planning!
  5. Hi Kard613, USD holds a greater value in Mexico then their own peso. Having said that, it can sometimes be hard for them to use or exchange. It is always best we find to ask the front desk upon arrival what the staff would prefer, or better yet ask your WC before you depart!! Happy Planning!
  6. This is a great idea! We have been to so many weddings where all guests are focused on is getting what they think is the perfect shot, when in fact they are just ruining other peoples view, and ruining their own view in reality. To remind guests to sit back, enjoy and see the moment through their own eyes (not a camera lens) is very refreshing and something we are going to start doing!! Happily remind guests that you have hired a professional to take care of the photos and you will happily give them copies! Thanks so much for sharing this article!! Happy Planning!
  7. Hi Dpereira6, Unfortunatly I cannot comment on the hotel, but there are a few great makeup artists in the area (just make sure you confirm that you can have an offsite vendor with your WC first!!): 1. Suzanne Morel http://suzannemorel.com/ 2. Neysa Berman-Blanc www.neysaberman.com 3. Pila Andrade www.bodytreatspa.com Happy Planning!
  8. Hi Danielle03, and everyone else!! Here is one of our most requested colour combo's incorporating turquoise. Happy Planning!
  9. Hi Lovebug8806, It would be best to contact the hotel coordinator direct to ensure that this pricing is accurate and up to date, but for our last wedding it was pricing out at $500 for 20 people for 2 hours (including open bar, bartender and DJ). I believe that the cost go up based on your guest count The disco opens to the rest of the resort everynight at 11:00pm, so we suggest to our clients to arrange their private dance starting at either 8:30 or 9:00pm to have a nice flow! Happy Planning!
  10. Hi Rani Dae, We JUST came across this amazing service https://www.postable.com/ . A completly free service that collects your guests’ mailing addresses (and if you really want, super easy to write and mail all of your thank you cards). Check it out!! We've also added further details about it on our blog: http://luxedestinationweddings.com/blog/ Happy Planning!
  11. Hi lovebug8806, The Disco Reception is a fantastic idea for your after dinner dance. It has a great vibe and really extends your night - we have lots of clients who choose this option and then continue the party on at the disco once it opens to the rest of the resort. Our brides and grooms have come back and told us how much fun they had, AND that the rest of the guests at the hotel once they arrived treated them so well. Happy Planning!
  12. Such great ideas!! A couple more ideas we have (and some from our clients) are envelope liners, use them as your table numbers (maybe take a different photo with each table number - advance planning!!), photos in a mason jar in water as your centerpiece and of course our favourite, use it as your guest book! Love the creativity going on in this forum! Happy Planning!
  13. Hi Itsjuliez, Any wedding coordinator can work with you on an approximate guest count to give you and idea on pricing. Once you have your final numbers, then you can inform them as to how many people will actually attend your wedding and adjust from there. In our experience, you can expect a 30-40% guest attendance (based on your number of invites) on average. This number can fluctuate based on how far in advance you give your guests notice! Don't let a final guest count stop you from beginning the planning Happy Planning!
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