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Dog Communicator

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#11 Alyssa

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    Posted 11 December 2007 - 08:11 PM

    definitely Lizz - let us know what happens!!! :)
    PS - we are all Cesar Milan obsessed too - it definitely works!

    #12 DanielleNDerek

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      Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:59 PM

      So now that we are wedding planning, me and fi always talk about what are dogs would be like when we have kids. My one dog, male, is in complete love with me. He gets jealous if when me and fi sit together. He plops himself right between us. Which at the time we think is cute, but he is being way overprotective. He's very sweet, happy dog and would never hurt anyone (on purpose) but I think we might have to contact Dawn before we have kids. I'm afraid his feelings would be hurt, if he doesn't get enough attention. When we got my second dog, you could tell he was a little upset with me because for a good two months he didn't come up to me nearly as much as he did before. Thanks for Dawn's info, i'm going to hold on to it.
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      #13 Heidi

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        Posted 12 December 2007 - 01:45 PM

        WOW! Crazy story Tammy!!! So neat!
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        #14 DreaW

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          Posted 12 December 2007 - 02:06 PM

          hmmmm, well I snuck my Jack Russell Terrier mix into our apartment and she seems happier. The only thing is I think she is in love with Erik. Seriously she can't get enough of him. It's like an obsession, she doesn't do this to any other guys. Both Erik and I think in a past life she and Erik were lovers or something....it's funny but scary. She will lay with me and love me just out of spite but when Erik gives any attention to her she goes psycho. LOL.

          hmmm it would be fun to know what she's thinking.

          #15 Conster

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            Posted 14 December 2007 - 12:44 AM

            Wow....that is crazy! I would love to know what my pug is thinking. He does NOT like strangers. He acts as if he wants to eat them!!! Oyyy. I might give it a try!!
            AWE! What a handsome guy!

            #16 ~Melissa~


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            Posted 31 December 2007 - 03:52 PM

            anyone else contact dawn recently?

            #17 tvt

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              Posted 16 July 2008 - 10:28 AM

              i missed this thread the first time around, but i think that I might call her. We hired a "dog behaviorist" (in quotes because he should not be allowed to call himself that) for our very anxious and nervous dog Tucker. Didn't work. For the price of this lady I think I'll try it out!

              #18 *Heather*


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                Posted 16 July 2008 - 10:38 AM

                We just met with a new dog trainer last night, and I seriously think he's going to work wonders with our little guy. His main problem is separation anxiety (i.e. he randomly sometimes eats all of our stuff while were gone), but also he just isn't really that obedient. After one session I can already see a difference...although I think it's going to take a lot of work. If this doesn't do the trick, maybe I'll contact Dawn, because I always say that I wish our guy could speak english for even FIVE minutes, so I could tell him to stop freaking out and that we're always going to come home to get him!

                Has anybody else tried her since the last posts?

                #19 DanielleNDerek

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                  Posted 16 July 2008 - 10:51 AM

                  I was just going to post a thread about my one dog Button. She's such a sweet dog but she has very high anxiety (well that's what it seems to be) and it keeps getting worse. Every morning she wakes up shaking then she hides under the bed. She won't go outside unless i walk her out and stand by her, which i don't mind doing but i don't want to make her worse either. She has to be in the bathroom with me while i shower and she peeks her head in the shower to make sure i'm still there. When i'm in the kitchen making breakfast drink, she stands in the corning facing the cabinets and just shakes. She won't let me leave the house. once i get out the door she throws herself against it.

                  I just feel so awful for her. I don't know what to do. I don't know what the cause is either. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old and we knew who had her before. Nothing was ever done to her and none of the other pups in her litter act like this. It breaks my heart to see her like this.
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                  #20 JennyK

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                    Posted 16 July 2008 - 11:03 AM

                    I should really call this lady and find out why my dog feels the need to eat my entire house to the ground lol

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