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  1. I was just wondering if there was a list made up of all the couples getting married in the Mayan Riviera. One listed by date and location so we know who to send out Congrats to? I could've swore I saw one on here...... Can someone help me find it please I tried to do a search for it....but no luck.
  2. I got married just over a week ago and did a TTD. I'm not gonna lie.....it was absolutely amazing! Everyone loves the photos....and best of all, they didn't cost a cent. My best friend took my camera (nothing special) and just started shooting. You really don't need a pro to do them. I was watching all the people walking by taking pictures of me in the ocean, in the swimming pool.....we had comments like "is she drunk?", "that can't be a real wedding dress", etc.....its hilariousl what people come up with. When I was in the pool I even had an onlooker come over and help us with poses and everything. People were amazed!! I wore my real wedding dress, and it was a big one! I wouldn't have changed anything! I'm so happy we did it! Anyone who is thinking about doing this.....DO IT!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!
  3. Thats awesome!! So excited for you!!
  4. OMG!!! We leave in 3 sleeps for our wedding!!!! And in 1 week today we'll be married!!! We'll be at Tulum!
  5. i just finished the chest and back. i find the guy quite annoying. but after you know the exercises, just mute him. his jokes are terrible. i'm not in good shape, and i really didn't work that hard for the first 2 weeks (i'm in the third week now) but i still lost 9 lbs...and i was only 133 to start with. i'm telling you ladies....these dvd's are a godsent! what they do on the videos are EXTREME, i would never expect to keep up with them....but, i do what i can, and it works for me!!! its awesome....so glad we bought them!
  6. isn't it funny that FI came home last night and was talking about this power90x....he wants it...maybe it will be good for the both of us!!! i see the before and afters and think, cmon....that will never be me!!! crossing my fingers that it will!!!
  7. I just used white cardstock for the outside, then colored cardstock for the boarding passes, and just plain printer paper for the letter. I didn't really use a template. If you want the file I used let me know, I can email it to you.
  8. OK. I am very much NOT creative. I'm wondering if someone that is creative has time to cook up a monogram for me? If so, these are my details: Connie & Gavin Thompson May 7, 2008 Mayan Riviera and I had clip art of kissing fish on the invites that I liked (I could email it). colors....red & turquoise
  9. EEEK!! You for sure have reason to be worried about your mom. I hope you can talk her out of it.
  10. Wow....that is crazy! I would love to know what my pug is thinking. He does NOT like strangers. He acts as if he wants to eat them!!! Oyyy. I might give it a try!!
  11. Welcome!!! Have fun!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by coreyphil Connie - They are AWESOME! You did a great job. I love the fish - how did you finally get them different colored WITH the black outlines? The whole thing turned out perfect! Congratulations on a great job! oh. i'm not sure how my sister did it....i think she used some photo editing program. she told me she could get them to whatever color i needed. shes the pro, so i'm not exactly sure!! sorry
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Betsy CLASH? Are you crazy girl?? They are beautiful!! Can I hire you! hahaha....you're hilarious!! OMG I'm so happy you ladies all like them!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Betsy Those are awesome! Did you use stamps for the "love" and the heart? Where did you get that envelope thing that they are in?? GREAT JOB! The "love" and heart are both stamps that I bought from a craft store. Then they're embossed on, so its textured. Does that make sense? The plastic envelope thing is from my TA. I guess its what they would put the tickets in, so kinda fits with the boarding pass theme. Do the white cover and brownish boarding passes clash too much? I was going for a sand color. I hope they don't look too dark.
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