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Las Caletas Help!


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Hey Everyone!


My name is Holley and I live in Edmonton, Alberta. We are having problems deciding on where to go as my in-laws just got a divorce and we need to keep them separate. I heard about Las Caletas and think it's a wonderful idea as everyone can stay wherever they want and only have to meet up for one day!


We are getting married in November 2008! Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to stay in PV or NV while we are there and any suggestions for a honeymoon? A sand beach is really important to us and so is great food! (once again, my in-laws are super snooty!)


I am really excited to see that there is a forum for destination weddings as it can be really scary booking a wedding on-line and not being able to see what you are purchasing. I hope that Las Caletas is the right decision for us! We have around 40ppl coming!!


Thanks for all of your help and I can't wait to hear what you all have to say!




P.S. any pics or advice or tips would be appreciated!

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Welcome! Las Caletas is the perfect choice for what you described. Many of us married there (or will be) and I'm sure they will all chime in.


Where to stay....we stayed at Dreams, beach is gorgeous and food is really good. I don't know much about NV other than it is pretty far from downtown PV, not impossible, but not the most convenient if people will want to go to clubs, popular restaurants, etc.


Some of our guests stayed at Velas Vallarta in Marina Vallarta. I visited, the place is beautiful but the beach is not. The beach in that area is built on a landfill so sand was brought in, not too cool so I would go further south if they want good beaches. I'm not snooty and I thought it was awful, so the snooty relatives will not be pleased with that area.


The further south of downtown you get the nicer the sand and water tend to be, and you are still within 15 minutes from the center of town. Conchas Chinas and Mismaloya have nice beaches (Dreams is adjacent to Conchas Chinas).


We honeymooned in Jamaica, but when we were looking at PV for a honeymoon we were going to rent a house with pool and cook. It's not too costly and private which is nice. Google Vallarta vacation rentals if you are interested in that.


If you search for Las Caletas in the upper right corner you will find many threads about LC and pics as well. Best wishes in your planning and no worries, you made a great choice :o)

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Thank you so much for the information! I can't wait to start checking out some of the hotels that you suggested! It is so hard to please everyone, especially when you have people going that complain about everything!

What package did you get in LC? Did you end up going for the whole day or just the half day trip?

Sorry for all of the questions!!

By the way, I LOVE the Christmas card!

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welcome!!! i was married at Las Caletas this past June - and it was FABULOUS! I can't even tell you how perfect it was. We had the deluxe package, but I think they've changed their packages since then - but it was the one where we had the beach to ourselves all evening. we had about 50 guests - and everyone was raving the whole time about how amazing it all was.


like Jamy (starchild) we also stayed at Dreams - it was perfect for us. so i don't know too much about any other hotels in the area. but there are lots of PV brides on here that will surely be able to pipe up!


i have my review and pictures in my siggy, so click away! let me know if you have any specific questions.

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Was the deluxe package the most expensive one? They offer the Premier Package for $5200 +$50/person....does that sound familiar? Do they have electricity and where do the guests get ready if they come for the day? I am sure that I will have more questions for you! I must say that your pictures are awesome and now I can't wait to go! Thanks!

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Originally Posted by HolleyC View Post
Was the deluxe package the most expensive one? They offer the Premier Package for $5200 +$50/person....does that sound familiar? Do they have electricity and where do the guests get ready if they come for the day? I am sure that I will have more questions for you! I must say that your pictures are awesome and now I can't wait to go! Thanks!
Yup - that package sounds close to what we had.

There isn't "real" electricity - but they do have some generators. Like, we could use hair dryers and curling irons when getting ready. I went over early w/a few girls and they have this cute little "bridal casita" that has a shower, bathroom, couch area, little bed, jacuzzi, etc. It's where we all got ready. You also have access to the showers and bathrooms in the spa if you have a lot of people getting ready at once.

Thanks - we love our pictures too! Have you seen a few of the Las Caletas threads? There are so many helpful brides on here that have been, and will be married there!

Oh, and Nicole and Kelley, the wedding coordinators there, are AMAZING! They're also a part of this forum, but don't post too often - they're busy meeting the needs of us crazy brides! lol But seriously, they're great to work with - and make the whole process very relaxing really.
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Hi Holley,


I think I'm the next bride going out to LC on Jan 5. I will take one zillion pics for you to see the place. The brides before us have done such a great job helping show the facility. I havent seen it yet and wont until Jan. 1 when we do a sight viewing. By that time all will be ready. I do know I can take some of my things out there on that visit and leave it so I dont have to bother with it the day of. We are going out early as well all 9 of my bridesmaids and 2 moms so 12 all together. We're going to get massages and begin getting ready for the guys and our guests. We ended up with 79 people total and that works out to such a blessing. There are a couple of new things we have purchased working with Nicole. 1) Cigar rollers 2) Fireworks display just before we land back in PV after the wedding. We are so excited about them and used our monies differently to purchase these things for our guests. As you can imagine the men and some women enjoy cigars. The fireworks seem to be such a fantastic ending to the evening organized events, we feel so happy to do this for them. We are NOT having Live music instead using CD's. We are having a slideshow. The firedancers, and all the rest that most of the other brides have done. We choose the pkg for 80 people and over since we originially had 150 guests who were coming. I would suggest that Jan is not the most economical time to go to Mexico for a wedding but in the end it will be amazing. I'm just sorry the timeframe didnt work out for a lot of our guest. Nicole is indeed a great asset to Adventure Weddings. They are as we are very lucky to have her and Kelley work with us. They have both been so helpful and we are so confident that all will run smoothly. We plan to get off that boat and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Jan 5 shortly after returing I'll work on the pics and my thoughts on the whole process for those of you who are getting ready to go.


** We went to the search sites here and it helped so much picking out our music using ideas from past brides. We loaded our music on CD's. No live music for us.


** We are going into town and purchasing our flowers for the bridesmaids, groomsman, mothers of the bride/groom, grandmothers, fathers. We have a designer with us so we are going to do that as a fun project.


Nicole is going to have my bouquet, groom boutionniere, floral arrangement made for us per our contract.


** We are bringing items over from Dallas to PV. for the tables


** Table runners we are renting from Nicole for the dinner tables


** We are surprising our guests with a funky dance just after our wedding

song. Much like whats been seen on YouTube.


** No videographer, Photographer from Dallas


** Trash the Dress the day after the wedding


** Gift bags we'll do once we get to PV. Purchased the bags here and

stuffing them w/ items from PV once there


** Our cake will have fondant on it and thats $5 per person to do that. 3



** Mostly, Nicole has been able to organize everything we asked and do it

in a way that makes us very comfortable. As I said I'll bring back as many

details in pics as I can. Happy planning! See ya'll soon.smile02.gifNewbie getting ready to be old HAT wink.gif

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