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ROR Reception: Poolside vs. Plantation?

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According to Chandlyn the only places you can have a reception at ROR is at the poolside, beach, or at the Plantation. I thought I had heard about other restaurants besides Plantation on this forum? Also, has anyone opted for the poolside reception? That sounds like it would be awesome! Any pics? Which poolside? Could it accomodate 100 people?


Yes -- I'm new at this :) I'm sure I'm anxious for nothing...




Hope ya'll are doing well! It's 80 and sunny here in good ole' Minneapolis...i.e. we're having a blizzard right now.



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Hello! I am a new ROR bride and I am looking into the poolside option for our reception, I think it could be so gorgeous. I'm wondering if any ROR brides have seen this set up yet? Sorry if I am just repeating this question, I have a LOT more wonderful forum to search through!

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Hey Dara!!

welcome4.gifto the forum!!

I'm having my reception at the plantation...mostly because im having about 115 guests doh.gif. If you're having a larger party, my suggestion would be the plantation...not sure if poolside can accomodate a huge wedding party...but then again I've never been, the space may be huge.



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Ok I got a little more info from my travel agent. She said that it is $50 per person, but I am not sure about the menu. I know the beach reception menu is more like a barbeque for $50 pp, and this is not what I would want for poolside, especially because everyone seems to be raving about the food in mamme bay and the plantation. I am also not sure if that would include open bar...maybe another $10 per person?? She said it is set up along one of the sides of the jr. suites infinity pool, and the reception cannot begin until after 6:30. She said it could accomodate my 75 guests with dancing, but suggested I do the disco? But after seeing all the fab pics, I'd definitely want the BEACH!!!

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We are having a beach reception from 6:30 - 10:30 (hopefully more like 11ish). It is $50 per person and includes open bar, set up and 3 different menus and tiki torches. The dinner is buffet and would cost extra to be served. We went back and forth between the pool and beach but figured the beach because when is the next chance we'll be able to dance in the sand? :-) Everyone is excited about it. We are using tiki torches provided by Chandlyn and also have 100 luminaries to set out.

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