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Day of Wedding timeline

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This question is mainly for the ladies who have already gotten married but if someone one else can answer this question that would be awesome....


Can you list the timeline of day of wedding starting from when u got,than the spa stuff ceremony and dinner? I really need to know times because I have to concept of how long things might take and am unsure of what time to hire the music for and tell the photographer to come to the resort for pics..




9am: got up had breakfast

11:00am: hair and makeup

1:00: pics at the resort


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Hi Edyta,


I copy/pasted my timeline below, just to give you an idea. If I had to do it over, I might start the hair/makeup just 20-30 mins earlier. That was the only thing that ran a little late all day.


I gave everyone a copy of this at the rehearsal and people were really good about following it. (And Lisa helped A LOT too!)




Saturday, November 11


9:30 AMInformal surfing lessons at Cabo Surf Hotel beach (need to rent boards from hotel)

Instructor: Janetâ€s friend Kristin


11:00 AMJanet and Katie finish bouquets/boutonnières


1:00 PM Janet goes to Hive Spa at the Palmilla for hair and makeup; Alli goes to Hive Spa for hair. Other girls are getting ready at Cabo Surf on their own.


2:00 PMLisa Galvan arrives at Cabo Surf Hotel


3:00 PMEnrique from Baja Video Productions begins set up


3:30 PMBradley Fraser begins shooting photos at Cabo Surf Hotel (what time does he come to set up?)

Bridal party (boys, girls, and family) must be photo-ready (Important!!)


3:45 PM Bradley takes photos of bridal party, groom and groomsmen, some family shots?

David Flores arrives to set up sound


4:00 PMLisa and Cabo Surf employees finish ceremony set up

•49 white fabric chairs, rake sand

•Box of programs to give out to guests

•Mic/sound (David and Antares?)

•Rose petals along aisle

•Centerpieces that Janet and girls have assembled (placemat, candles, limes, flower)

Chris Johnson arrives

Guests arrive, complementary drink, get program fan, get seated by 4:25

David Flores begins playing (4:10)

Enrique from Baja Video Productions begins shooting footage


4:25 PMWedding party lines up

•Order of walking down aisle:


oAndrewâ€s parents: Hank and Karen

oJanetâ€s mom: Kathy

oRain – Andrewâ€s groomswoman

oAlli (petite blonde) – Janetâ€s bridesmaid


oAli (taller brunette)

oJim – Best Man

oKarlyn – Matron of Honor

oJanet and dad (Dan)


4:30 PMCeremony begins (see attached script)



Guests are invited up to pool for cocktail hour. David Flores moves to pool area to play guitar. (Informal set up)


5:05 PMJanet and Andrew take photos on the beach

Cocktail hour begins for guests – open bar, passed appetizers


5:35 PMWedding party and family photos [see attached master photo list]


6:00 PMEveryone returns to the cocktail hour


6:05 PMOpen bar for cocktail hour closes


6:15 PMEveryone is seated and dinner begins

•no seating chart; 7 tables of 8 people each

•closed bar, wine served with meal

•buffet style

•which vendors need meals?

David Flores leaves


6:30 PMBradley Fraser leaves (6:15-6:30 he is taking any last-minute pictures if lighting still good)

When does Antares (DJ) arrive for set-up?


7:15 PMToasts are given by Janetâ€s dad Dan, sister Karlyn, and Best Man Jim.

Janet and Andrew cut first piece and hotel serves to all. (Kathy will take photos of this?)


7:30 PMReception begins

•Antares begins with first dance song; Jim announces (Forever; Ben Harper)

•2nd song: bridal party and parents (Better Together; Jack Johnson)

•Antares begins regular playlist, Best Man Jim will serve as informal emcee

•Open bar opens.


8:00 PMEnrique from Baja Video Productions ends shooting


10:00 PMLisa notifies everyone that 30 mins are left for Open Bar


10:30 PMReception ends. Open Bar closes. Cash bar opens. Lisa Galvan leaves.

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ok, here's my schedule...


i was at the pool until 3:30-4pm...i know...so bad but i was having somuch fun...my nose got burned...BOO!


run up to get ready because juan is coming at 4:45 but meeting with the boys first but should be up at my suite at 5:15....


i am frantically getting ready because i had to do my own hair and my foundation no longer matched my face because i was sunburned...shoot!


4:45 juan shows up to take pics of the guys.


5:15-juan takes pics of me, my sisters and family.




6:30-cocktail hour starts (steve and i go take couples and family pics)


7:30 people starting to sit for dinner and orders are being taken.


8:00-8:30- speeches while dinner served and eaten


8:45-first dance, then parents dance


9:00-garter toss/bouquet toss/cake cutting


9:15-11:00-dancing...cake cut and served while everyone is dancing.


i was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day.

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Originally Posted by EDYTA View Post
hey Tammy do u remember what time the sun started setting at in may?
i don't have an exact time but i think it was 7:15-7:30ish...i would ask juan...

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