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Best First Dance Ever

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My FMIL sent me this today. I asked her if she was hinting she wanted us to do this. We probably would do something silly like this, but we aren't having a dance. I imagine we'll still do many of these moves in the hotel disco.


This is my favorite one of these that I've seen.

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Its really funny, but it totally does not look real. The way the camera is really far away at the end, it looks like there was more than one camera filming it. I could be wrong. Either way though, its totally funny. I wish we had done something like that, but DH would never fast dance sober in front of people, so that was out. lol

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Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
That one was good! Isn't some of that mix from the guy that did "Revolution of Dance"? I think that's what it's called. It's too easy to sit and look at You Tube videos when you get on a topic~ I really need to finish decorating my tree!!!

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