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Snswedding2016 Planning Thread - Jan 9 2016 (Azul Fives)

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We didn't do vows because I'm shy and also didn't want to be a crying mess lol. When we did our legal and all the repeat after me stuff I could barely keep it together. Thankfully in Mexico all we had to say was 'I do' while this was nice sometimes I wish we did more!



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@@snswedding2016 Thank you for telling us (and showing us) all about your wedding. It looks amazing and you guys look so happy and cute!  :wub: 


I have to confess, I actually skipped over your vows because every time I read vows on here I'm a blubbering mess. LOL

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Can't believe it's been 1 month already...feels like it was just yesterday! 


I promise I'll finish my review soon! It's been busy at work and home (we're renovating) but I'll try and get it done by the end of this week!  :)

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After a big delay, I'm attempting to finish my review today, here goes...



We headed in to the Sky Bar after our wonderful ceremony to start our cocktail hour. As mentioned in another post we luckily qualified for a free cocktail hour that came with a signature drink and appetizers. Apparently the apps were delicious although Sean and I didn't get to try them. Immediately following the ceremony we were handed champagne and my cousin who was filming our ceremony brought the ipad to us so that we could say hi to everyone watching around the world. It was AMAZING! They turned their videos on and we were able to see everyone. We connected with people in Toronto, Charlottetown, LA and London - I highly recommend using Zoom if you want a cheap and easy way to broadcast your wedding. 




During the rest of the cocktail hour Sean and I did couple our bride and groom photos. We did most of our group pics and bridal party pics before the ceremony so that we could focus just on us in between the ceremony and reception. We only missed one group shot so we were able to squeeze it in at the top of our bride and groom pics and quickly moved on. We were able go to a bunch of different locations for photos!









As everyone filed into the garden for our reception they all did tequila shots. Sean loved the "take a shot, take your seat" idea but we had already made our seating chart so we did this instead. It was great because we already had a sign made for the bar (made by the wonderful @) that fit perfectly!




Best tequila faces - this is one of my favourite pictures!!! I laughed so hard when I saw this one!







We started off with our first dance. Our MC introduced us and we went straight for the dance floor but for some reason Sean's dad decided right at that moment to take the mic and say in a loud booming voice "OOGA CHAKA, OOGA CHAKA" :blink: . I was just looked at Sean and he looked back at me with a "I'm so sorry but what can I do?". He was right, so we just kept going and it was still really romantic and lovely. It is now the funniest moment of our wedding looking back. 




We had a lovely dinner and I loved having a sweetheart table! Sean and I were able to have time just the two of us and I think our bridal party was really happy to be able to sit with their families and significant others.




The food was amazing - even better than when we did the taste testing in September! We went with the 3 course plated meal, they were great about accommodating allergies and dietary restrictions. At our onsite meeting we decided to go with a kids food station instead of just giving them their meals the parent's had pre selected. The WCs were concerned that the kids would get food envy by seeing other options the kid next to them ordered. It was perfect! They were able to get a little bit of everything. I also forgot to put in a bunch of the kids toys in the welcome bags when I handed them out at the beginning of the week but it worked out because that meant we had extra toys for the reception. I had planned to make games for them but I just ran out of time so it all worked out in the end. 




Menus by the lovely @ with our wedding favour magnets



more wedding favours



The little things that bother you ...the backwards Ampersand...I eventually fixed it






We decided on only have 3 speeches, I've been to weddings with way too many speeches so we really didn't want it to drag on too long. We had the Maids of Honour Speech (after the appetizer), Best Man speech (Sean's brother and Sean's sister ended up joining him for this. After the main course) and our thank you speech (after dessert). After the speeches we quickly moved right into the dancing - what Sean and I were looking forward to the most. We kicked it off with "Shut Up and Dance with Me" ...we thought that was clever after the speeches! ;)


I decided to get a reception dress mainly because I knew we would be moving to the sky bar after our reception and I wasn't sure if it was going to be gross and sticky. I've been to a couple resort clubs at other all inclusives where I wouldn't want to wear my wedding dress. The second thing was that I knew that there was a high chance I would end up in the pool at the end of the night and I just didn't my lace custom dress to get ruined. Well as it turns out after the first two dances I felt to constricted in my wedding dress so I went to go change. The wedding department was great and they let me store my second dress in the wedding office which is right beside the garden. I think I was changed and in my second dress for all of 10 min when the first groomsman jumped in the pool. lol! All the groomsmen were in first. The staff were great and didn't say a lot. One of the groomsmen came to get me for the pool and I said "hold on wait right there". I went to go take off my shoes and Angelica (one of the WCs) came over to me. She asked me if I was going into the pool and I said "I think so...is that ok?" she paused and then said "just be careful. here are some towels." haha! so one of the groomsmen was about to throw me in when Sean yelled "hey! that's my job"





both dresses


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hahah I still love the ooga chucka part. oh my goodness.


Everything looked so great!! Love the first song you chose to start the dancing with - great choice! 


The ampersand would have drove me nuts as well hahah. Your wedding looked so beautiful!! I love everything you did and just seeing your overall vision come together is really great.


We were going to jump in the pool that was right in our reception space, but then we all decided to just change into our swimsuits because they opened the pool bar up for us.. we were in there til 3am haha. It was a really small pool with it being the rooftop pool so it was actually quite nice because it was really warm.


Ahh.. fond memories. I wish we could go back like..3 months? lol

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@@snswedding2016 I love reading your review and seeing all your beautiful pictures. You pulled every aspect of your wedding off. I knew it would look great but everything truly looked amazing. Well done :)


That Zoom idea is great. I've always loved the idea of the live streaming on the sky deck but with that we can't see them. Might have to look into this idea!


Your second dress is beautiful as well!

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Dancing the night away...


We had such a great time on the dance floor but I was sad that my flower girl fell asleep half way through dinner. She loves dancing and I picked a bunch of songs just for her...well to my surprise several songs in she wakes up and beelines to the dance floor and danced and danced and danced! We had the best time!




I was proud of my self dancing with my glass of wine, flower girl basket (because according to our flower girl I HAD to hold them) and all the while holding her hand!!


Half way through the dancing portion I realized I had to go get the cash for our videographers to pay the balance. By the time I got back we just missed them, luckily they were going to be at El Dorado for a wedding during our honeymoon so we arranged to meet them in the lobby. It worked out perfectly!


We finished up in the garden just after 10pm and then moved up to the sky bar and kept the party going. Sean and I danced for a bit and then looked at me and said "I'm done" and off we went. We were both so exhausted from the entire day that we were perfectly happy not to party all night long. Sean has this thing when he drinks were he has an "off button", he'll be going strong and then all of a sudden gets tired and shuts off. haha! It's good  it has probably kept him out of trouble over the years! ;) The nice part of not being up until 4am or something crazy was that we woke up feeling pretty good and didn't waste the next day! Although I did fall asleep with all of my make up on...it still looked great in the morning! lol!


We had such a great day!! I've been missing it a lot these days! Here are some pics to cap off the night!







our last pic of the night!


@@vancouverpetunia @ @@ashhtayy


Thanks ladies!! We had a blast and wish we could relive the day! Can't wait for our video to come in! 


Also the best part of making your own decor is that you have new decor for your house as well!!  :) I love having it around the house, it reminds me of our wedding day! :D

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I love your review and I love all of your pics. You two make such a good looking couple and I have to say that my fave pic is the one of your first dance. It really captures the live between you two.


I'm glad you can look back and laugh at Sean's dad. Definitely makes for a great inside joke for all your wedding guests too.


I wish I had known about zoom so we could stream for Der's grandparents

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