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  1. Hello, I'd also love to but it's short notice now and I have a weekend full of plans now.
  2. AH!! I haven't been on here much, but I do come back here periodically just to check and see how your wedding went. I have so many tears in my eyes going through your review and i'm in LOVE with how your wedding turned out - everything looked AMAZING. You were such a gorgeous bride, Mike looked dapper as ever and the photos turned out amazing. You have made me miss my wedding day all over again. I really hope that we can meet up sometime soon so that I can hear more about it in person! Ps. Jessie and the Rippers?! I DIED at that part and that song is definitely in my head now.
  3. @@Cancun2016 I personally wasn't a huge fan, but everyone sees photography a different way and can appreciate art forms differently. We used Lancelotti Photography (who is a bit of an 'underdog' on this forum), but they did an amazing job and didn't disappoint at all. They are also very affordable. I'm also Canadian and had to worry about the conversion/costs.
  4. @@Cancun2016 I'd say that it's very risky. Chances are that your coordinator will be able to tell that it's a professional photographer and not a friend, they are pretty knowledgeable and have done many weddings - they are also very present during the day of.. my coordinator was around for the entire wedding. You can maybe get around it with flowers, but honestly, I don't think you can with a photographer. I tried to do the same thing, but in the end I decided it wasn't worth the risk of anything going wrong on my wedding day.
  5. Have an amazing trip and day! I can't even believe that it's already here.. I still remember when you were 6+ months away and it felt like yesterday! Time flies
  6. Safe travels, lovely! I can't wait to hear all about it and i'm happy that the Wally bag has circulated and assisted so many of you ladies. My only advice to you at this point is the advice that I heard over and over, but didn't really sink in until after the wedding.. which was to just get there, relax and enjoy every moment. It flies by very quickly. You're likely going to be very calm once you get there anyway!
  7. I've fallen off of this forum, but I wanted to check in and say that everything looks great and I know that your wedding is going to look STUNNING. I will be checking in just to see how it goes and see all the photos and hopefully we can meet up soon!!!
  8. Your photos bring literal tears to my eyes!! They capture so much beauty and emotion - I LOVE THEM!!!! You are a stunning bride and Col looks very handsome. So glad you posted these and I can't wait to see you soon and catch up
  9. I'm pretty much a maybe at this point. May and June can tend to me really busy for me. Let me know what you girls decide on.
  10. I'm so late to this party so you'll have to excuse me! I haven't been on here much and just got home from our two week honeymoon. WOW! I LOVE YOUR PICS - first of all. I have to take some time to read your review in detail, but wow.. what a beautiful bride you were!!! I am laughing at this garden gnome .. that is seriously awesome!
  11. Aww! that's what we are all here for!! I think that the amount of support we get/got on this forum has been amazing and I can't even really articulate it into the right words, but I feel the exact same about my experience on the forum. I'm so glad that the Wallybag worked out afterall
  12. Aww. Everything looked really great!!! Also, your belt looks perfect. I think it will look really nice with your dress. You ended up doing the maracas afterall! I think you were on the fence about it if I remember correctly? They were a nice touch at the wedding and although overdone sometimes, people really enjoyed them and had a lot of fun with them haha. There were definitely some drunken maraca moments. As for the tags, we ordered ours from an Etsy vendor online. It was the same one that Rebecca used (Veryvalentine). I was extremely happy with mine and they were the perfect size (smaller and not overpowering the maraca). The shop was called smiling tag.. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SmilingTag?ref=l2-shop-info-avatar We went with the "not as nice" saying (apparently).. "shake for a kiss". It was cute, although annoying at times because people went overboard with it haha. Everytime we weren't kissing people were dramatically shaking them at us during the reception.
  13. Congrats, lovely! I love the sneak peeks so far! Can't wait to see more Enjoy the honeymoon!!
  14. haha no! sorry .. to clarify I meant the song. I think he used Coldplay- Clocks.. but an instrumental version of it. haha
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