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  1. Hello lovely brides! I wanted to post some info that I thought might help future brides. I recently returned from my wedding at Azul Fives this month. The thing my husband and I keep thinking about is how happy we are with where we put our money into. We were a couple on a budget but of course wanted a beautiful wedding. For those just starting out in their planning process, I know how daunting it feels hunting for the perfect resort. The number crunching is stressful and it starts to feel like it is all adding up way too quickly. This is just my experience and how we went about it and I'm sure there are a lot of other brides who have other tips and tricks we didn't think of. Hopefully this thread starts a dialogue and we can help the future upcoming brides save some money! Karisma properties are gorgeous but with an a la carte type of wedding the bill can really add without you realizing it. As my TA warned me "just be careful they will woo you but if you keep an eye on what your adding to your wedding you can still have a beautiful wedding on a budget". She was totally right! General Tips *prioritize what areas you want to focus on -Choose free locations (I love the sky deck but it just didn't fit in our budget based on where we were putting our money for other areas of the wedding) --Choose a set menu (it was cheaper than family style. they were good portions, no one was hungry, they will still accommodate dietary restrictions) -Make your own playlist (consider apps like DJ app or QLAB) -Consider skipping the wedding cake or maybe just getting one tier to do a ceremonial cutting of the cake -want to broadcast your wedding for those that can't make it? Looking into apps like Zoom that allow you to have multiple people on one link and all you need is wifi (keep in mind prices are in USD as that is how your Karisma bill will appear and this only includes resort costs. I wish my entire wedding cost this much! haha!) The Numbers Total Resort Bill $3375.00 Karisma Bill (paid in advance) $2990.00 Onsite Set up fee (paid in cash) $250.00 Spa (paid onsite cash or credit) $135.00 # of Guests 50 adults & 9 kids (including bride and groom) Cost Breakdown Always and Forever Package (everyone has to start off with this basic package) $950.00 Spa GIVC Perk (free hair & make up with trials for both, mani/pedi PLUS mani/pedi for a friend. You do have to pay for the tax and tip) $135.00 Pre-Ceremony Semi-Private Dinner (included in the A&F package. Up to 40 people, set menu at Flavours. Kids not counted in numbers if they are ordering from the children's menu) FREE -Menu- smoked salmon, nut crusted chicken breast, apple crisp Rehearsal Ceremony (time and date TBD onsite - we did this the day before the wedding at 1pm) FREE Ceremony Location - Zky Terrace - FREE (one level below the Sky Deck, smaller but still private. It fit our size of group very comfortably) Flowers - HC08 (floral vase, tall vase) x2 $80 (each) - BC14 (table floral arrangement) $70 (*seeing the size I probably would have not added this or maybe would have added another HC08 for the price) Aisle Runner $40 Cocktail Hour FREE Location - Zky Terrace/Bar (came with hor d'oeuvres, sparkling wine post ceremony and a signature drink. We had "Tequila Party". Cocktail tables with ribbon in our wedding colour) **We got lucky on this one...not sure how but we qualified for a free cocktail hour. If we didn't we would have just done an informal cocktail hour in the Zky Bar** Reception Location - Garden - FREE Decor - we brought our own and then asked for all of the flowers from the HC08 arrangements to be divided among the tables to add to the centrepieces Set Up Fee - $250 (this included candles, books, vases, signs, favours and string lights) Menu - Set Menu 2 (Beef Carpaccio, Pork Rib Eye, Creme Brulee - No wedding cake) Originally $20/pp ...somehow we qualified for a discount and paid $14.40/pp (x50) Kids FREE (if ordering from children's menu) Sound Equipment - Amplifier and microphone $250 (for 4 hours. We brought our own playlist and plugged it in - no DJ) Misc Outside Vendor Fee - $800 (photographers) 2 for 1 massages (A&F package) - transferred to our honeymoon at El Dorado Casitas Royale (they gave us 2 for FREE) Honeymoon Breakfast in Bed (A&F package) FREE Candlelight Dinner on the beach - transferred to El Dorado as well FREE It really is possible to do it on a budget and we have absolutely no regrets or feel like we missed out on something. Let me know if there are any questions!! Happy planning!
  2. Hi Brides, I've been gone from the forum for a while. A friend of mine is in desperate search for table numbers. Anyone in the Toronto or surrounding area selling theirs? Let me know! thanks!
  3. @@ashhtayy your day looked gorgeous!! I'm rarely on here now as well but decided to log on today...I was so excited to see your review posted! I'm really happy to hear the set up doc helped! You did a great job with just going with the flow and it all turned out beautifully despite the minor hiccups! So glad you guys had an amazing time!!! I agree with @ we definitely need another drinks night!
  4. @@ashhtayy can't believe you're leaving so soon!!! Have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!! Do you have room in your luggage for me?? I sooooo want to go back to Azul Fives!!! I don't mind snuggling up with the decor. LOL!
  5. @@vancouverpetunia The information packages they send out are confusing. I feel like they are parking signs in Toronto...like they are deliberately trying to confuse you so you end up spending more money lol! I have to give a lot of the credit to my TA who helped me price it out in the beginning before I even looked at the property or the packages. She broke it down and said that I could have all of the things I wanted within my budget (which was $6000 for the resort bill). I was able to cut it in half and it even shocked my TA. The biggest problem with trying to stay under budget at a Karisma property is that you fall in love with the most expensive options. I have to admit that the sky deck was what really drew me to Azul Fives but in the end we realized it wasn't that important to us. We ended up getting the same effect (private terrace) but just not as extravagant for free! The Karisma properties make everyone start off with the basic package (unless you choose to upgrade it to a Memorable moments package) but it is very basic and then you add on to it. It's only $950 so from there you can pick and choose. The "Always and Forever" package includes: -Wedding Guest Concierge (helpful to guests during the week) -Wedding Day Attendant (someone other than your coordinator that stays with you all day the day of and is there to get stuff for you if you need it. ex. if you forget your veil in your suite) -Groom's room with food and alcohol (Sean got 4 large bottles of alcohol) -Wedding website -Honeymoon registry -Semi-private dinner for 40 (most use this for a rehearsal dinner or farewell breakfast) -Personalized menus for the semi private dinner -Ceremony location -Chairs & tables with white linen -Aisle runner -Sound system w/ speakers and microphone (ceremony) -Non-denominational minister -Honeymoon breakfast in bed -Candlelit dinner on the beach -Champagne in your room on arrival -Beachfront sky massage (2for1 - we transferred this to our honeymoon resort another Karisma property and we got them both for free!) As you can see decor is not included, cake, flowers or hair and make up. If you any of you choose Karisma - look for a GIWC or GIVC they are TAs who are certified through the Gourmet Inclusive brand with Karisma (Wright Travel is!). They can get you perks like free hair and make up which included a mani & pedi for you and a bridesmaid. We were also upgraded to the sky suite through our TA. It's clear that we would have been lost without our TA. Moral of the story get an amazing TA to help you!!
  6. @@Sweetpea2018 sorry I just saw your message now. It sounds like you're coming from the US if your trip doesn't include airfare. How long is are your guests staying for? You should be able to qualify for free events that are offered to the US brides and not the Canadians. The trade off is that the Canadians usually get much better pricing for their packages. Hopefully the package price comes down a little. Our package was $1630 per person for 1 week (including airfare).
  7. @@sassldiva I totally feel you pain trying to price it out and finding that the package per person prices are really high - that was my experience too. I found that none of the packages at the resorts I was interested in initially offered items my husband and I really wanted. It included many things we wouldn't use and didn't include things that were important to us. With the help of an amazing TA, I found that the Karisma property - Azul Fives was exactly what I was looking for. Be warned that you COULD spend a fortune but if you're careful you could have a beautiful wedding on a budget at a 5+ star resort. I had 60 guests Private terrace (overlooking the ocean) ceremony Cocktail hour with bar services and hors d'oeuvres Private Reception (3 course plated meal) for $3000 USD Check out my budget saving tips http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/79902-how-to-have-an-affordable-karisma-wedding-tips/ Note: I did bring most of my decor (I only purchased flowers through the hotel vendor) and did not use a DJ. As the other ladies mentioned, it really depends on your budget for your guests, what kind of resort you're looking for, area etc. so this resort may not work for you otherwise but just know that it can be done and there is a resort out there that will suit your needs. Just be prepared for a lot of little details to really add up (ie. chair covers, decor, other private events etc). I hope this helps!
  8. snswedding2016

    Bridal Shower/bachelorette Ideas

    @@ashhtayy this is great!!! thanks so much for sharing Ashley! Can't wait to hear about your bachelorette!!!
  9. Hi Ladies! This isn't DW related but all of you brides were so helpful to me in my own wedding planning process I thought I would post this here to get some advice. One of my Maids of Honour just got engaged a couple of weeks ago! I'm so so excited for her and I'm right back into wedding planning mode but from the other side. She's having a fairly short engagement (setting a date for Oct or Nov 2016). This means I'm planning a shower for July and bachelorette party for Sept...not a lot of time! I would love to hear about all of your showers and parties and what you loved about them! I'm trying to get some creative ideas and what better place than this amazing forum! Right now we're thinking of "Brunch n' Bubbly" bridal shower in the summer. Any creative ideas for gift themes for the bride? My shower was all lingerie type gifts so I would like to do something a bit different. Any creative ideas for the favours for the guests? My girls gave everyone mini succulents - they were a big hit! For the bachelorette, we're probably getting a small group of us (myself and another very close friend and her sister and sisters in law) and going away for a weekend in Montreal or Quebec City. All ideas welcome! Thanks ladies!
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    Azul Fives By Karisma Brides 2016

    @@dinar My husband and I were able to go to the BDR 4 months before our wedding and I thought it was the perfect time to go. I don't think it is necessary but definitely helpful if you can make it work. Initially I thought it would be too close our wedding for it to be helpful but it was just the opposite. Since we had everything picked out already we were really able to nail down the little details. We did a menu tasting, created our own signature cocktail and were able to get a lot of the little questions answered because we already knew what we wanted. Here are some pics of the beachfront gazebo. It is definitely a very private spot for a ceremony. We used it for photos. I hope this helps!
  11. @@ashhtayy LOVE the hankies!!! The stickers look so good on your tumblers! It looks like you are in amazing shape being just over a month away!! Your big day will be here before you know it!
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    Vancouverpetunia - Now Sapphire - April 7, 2016

    @@vancouverpetunia What a beautiful wedding!!! Thank you for posting such a great review. I loved reading about it! It's making me miss Mexico! I also loved the video your friend made - so fun!
  13. @@deecol Happy belated wedding day!!! I hope you had an amazing day!! I saw a couple of pics on facebook and you looked stunning!!!!
  14. With just under 300 days to go, I'm starting this thread VERY early. I'm a planner...I love planning almost as much as the event itself but this is also my slow season at work and I'm terrified that if I don't start now I will get swamped and fall very far behind schedule with wedding stuff. My peak season at work is summer-late fall (just before the holidays) hence why I'm thinking "It's pretty much spring - I should get started on this!". How We Met We met through work. I was working as an Agent's assistant at a talent agency and Sean was one of the actors. We met in 2010 and we were both in long term relationships, by the time the next holiday office party came around we were both single. That night Sean bee-lined towards me on the dance floor. We were both there with some friends who conveniently disappeared and left us alone to dance the night away (I should mention he had on hand in a cast and still managed to pick me up and spin me ). A week later I asked him out and he said yes! Unfortunately the timing was off, as I mentioned this was right around the holidays. Sean went back to visit him family in PEI, then he got a call from him biological father who lives in Shanghai that he would pay for his trip out to visit him. Both trips were extended from their original return dates and then he had to help out a sick family member out of town. At this point I wasn't sure if we would ever go out on our first date but I felt a really strong connection with him from that night at the holiday party. So I reached out to see how he was doing with all his family stuff going on and asked him if we wanted to go see a show. On April 1, 2011 (4 months after I originally asked him out - LOL) we finally found ourselves on our first date! I now refer to this as the "courtship period" haha! As I mentioned Sean is an actor but he is also a designer, contractor, builder or sorts. A couple months into dating Sean got this huge renovation to redesign a restaurant. He designed and built it while I helped him manage the books. This time was really special for us as it really solidified our relationship. We did a 46 day straight renovation where we often slept at the construction site in the dust and grime. Sean always says that's when he 'knew'. This our very first picture together at the holiday party in 2010. The Proposal It was the week of my 30th birthday (this past October) so I really wasn't suspecting anything. He had been planning a party with some friends of mine so I thought that was what he was busy doing all those nights he said "I'm busy planning"...which is a huge thing as I'm the planner in the relationship. Let's put it this way, he would pack for a road trip in a laundry basket if I let him. It was Tuesday afternoon and he was going to pick me up at the office for a pre-birthday lunch since he was around the corner at an audition earlier in the day. I thought we were going down the street so I thought it was a bit odd when he said we were driving. He said that he was taking a short cut and it would be easier to drive so I just went with it. It wasn't until we were on the highway and practically in Ajax coming from downtown (for those Toronto ladies who know where that is) that I started to question where we were really going. We had traveled 30 mins outside of the city and I hadn't even noticed - I think I was just excited about a special birthday lunch! Finally I asked where we were going and he wouldn't say and then I asked if I was going back to work and he said no. He had arranged for our office assistant (note: since 2010 I was promoted and I'm now a full agent running my own roster) and my colleague to cover for me. That's when I really started to ask questions. All he would say was that it was a surprise romantic getaway for my birthday! When I heard the words "romantic getaway" I just sat back and went with it. We drove...for a WHILE. He had me close my eyes as we got closer so I wouldn't try and guess where we were. Almost 4 hours later we reached our destination. Sean had rented a tree house for the night just outside of Perth, Ont. It was gorgeous and we've been talking about going to this place near Seattle called Treehouse Point for a vacation for a while and after some research he found this place. It was pretty amazing! We went out for a lovely meal and then came back to the treehouse. He said he had a couple more surprises for me and told me to sit by the fire and close my eyes. When I opened my eyes he had lit candles, poured champagne, had a dozen long stemmed red roses and a present waiting for me. I opened the box and there was a pendant that Sean had remade for me. Back story: Sean gave me this necklace and had it engraved two years ago and then about a year later it got caught in my scarf and I lost it somewhere. I was sooooo sad! It was such a sentimental thing to me. So he contacted the jeweler this year and had it remade. I was so surprised! He grabbed his phone and I thought why is he grabbing his phone right now, it's kinda ruining this really romantic moment! But before I could even say anything he started playing 'our song' - Forever by Ben Harper. He grabbed my hand and wanted to dance. As we were dancing he started to get really emotional, and looked up at me kinda misty (he'll hate that I'm telling you all this ) and said there might be something else in the box. It was then that might heart started pounding...I looked in the box which I thought was empty now and underneath the tissue was a scarf and inside the scarf was a ring box hiding in it. I turned around to look at Sean and he was down on one knee. Side note: Sean planned the entire proposal on his own and picked out the ring by himself too...I was very shocked and impressed. My girlfriends knew what I had wanted but he wanted to surprise them too. Amazingly he picked out the exact style I had wanted! Deciding on a DW This one was an easy decision. Sean and I went to my cousin's DW a couple of years ago in Mexico (Barcelo Maya Colonial) and we fell in love with the whole DW concept. We loved that you have an entire week to celebrate your wedding with your loved ones, that we could have a smaller intimate wedding and our rooms would only be a stumble away. All those things combined with the fact that most of my family is in Toronto, with some scattered throughout Alberta and Montreal, Sean's family is mostly from PEI with some in the US and Western Canada...it was going to be a destination wedding regardless. The cost was also something for us to consider. While it can add up for a DW it is still a lot more affordable to have a DW than a local wedding especially with our guest list. For a couple of years we have been talking about the idea of doing a DW when we decided to get married, so after Sean proposed we pretty much knew that that was the plan. When we called all of our family and friends to share our news we let everyone know what our plans were. Based on my work season, we decided to have a January wedding. It is very slow at the start of the year and that way some of my co-workers would be able to go too (if they wanted to). The actual date itself we weren't too picky about but we knew January was ideal and Jan-Mar was our range of dates we were looking at. Choosing our TA & Location My mom a couple of months before we got engaged won a travel voucher for $3000 but it had to be redeemed through a specific travel agency. It seemed like a no brainer at first, since we were paying for it ourselves, the $3000 would really help us out with our budget. I contacted the company and spoke with a TA who was very nice and knowledgeable and we were going to set up a meeting. We wanted to meet in person and go over all the fine print with the travel voucher. In the meantime my mom got sick and was in the hospital so we postponed our meeting twice. I then randomly saw a friend of mine 'like' a post on facebook for a destination wedding event happening that week. I looked into it and it was an event specifically with a travel agency who specializes in DWs and Barcelo & Transat Holidays. I thought that was pretty perfect since the Barcelo properties were high on our list. So I went to the event and took on of my maids of honour with me. The event itself was just ok, there was some good information but nothing I couldn't get from their websites. I ended up chatting with Karen from MyWeddingAway and it was the best thing that could have happened. I didn't intend to talk to any of the TAs (I was more there for Barcelo & Transat) as I had that $3000 with the other agency. I sat down with Karen and she asked me all sorts of questions about us as a couple, what our vision was, budget etc. I really felt like she took an interest in us and not just the potential business we would bring. She started throwing out ideas of how to work with our budget and how to think outside the box to make it all happen. I felt like she was on my side and wasn't there to 'up sell' me. It was a tough decision as my heart was really telling me to use Karen, I felt instantly comfortable with her, she really knew what she was talking about and was quick to follow up after the event - but then there was the $3000 hanging over me and the guilt of not using free money. Ultimately we felt confident with Karen that she would work hard for us and get us the best deal possible and maybe in the long run we would save $3000 depending on what quotes the other TA would be able to get us. My mom also has 3 years to use the voucher so it's not like it would go to waste. Once we decided to work with Karen, things started happening very quickly. We got quotes for Barcelo for Jan 2016 and we were happy with them but once we started looking at the wedding packages we started to get discouraged. We invited 150 people and were estimating about 60 would come. Our budget for the wedding itself (ceremony & reception not including travel-we're also paying for our parents trips) was $6000. We wanted a private reception, preferably on the beach but definitely not inside in a ballroom. We found that all the packages included around 20-25 people and the price per person was quite high (around $70, it was cheaper for the ballroom but that wasn't an option for us). Our TA started to rejig some things asked for substitutions for some of the packages like changing venues. Barcelo didn't go for it. We also looked into doing a semi-private reception at a restaurant but with our size of group it would have taken over the entire space and we would have to rent out the whole thing. I think they quoted us $10 000 for a private reception in a restaurant - we quickly nixed that idea. I was really trying to make it work with Barcelo because we've both been there before and had a great time. We weren't planning on doing any site visits so knowing what we were going to be getting was a huge plus. In the end we realized that the packages were just not suited our wedding needs and decided to start looking elsewhere. I really left this in the hands of our TA to suggest some properties she liked. She did so much work going back and forth with Barcelo and giving us other ideas to try that we completely trusted her. She suggested some of the Karisma hotels and the Grand Sirenis. She warned me that the Karisma website will try to woo you...she was totally right. The minute I looked up their properties, I was hooked! I specifically fell in love with Azul Fives. I loved the wedding options, the food, and the property itself. I loved that it was smaller property and that it really focused on their food quality (they are considered a gourmet inclusive experience). While we have a lot of drinkers we also have a bunch who don't really drink but are big foodies! My future brother in law is the head of the culinary institute in PEI and all inclusives aren't usually known for their food so this was important! I loved that I could build my wedding a la carte and I wasn't forced to pick a package that included things I wasn't going to use anyway. You have to be careful here because things can really add up quickly (especially with Lomas' prices) but if you're careful you can still have a wedding within your budget! Initially I thought we would qualify for the unlimited events promotions and the free 'Always and Forever' basic wedding package but then we soon found out that those were only offered to the US brides. I was upset about that at first but now after having done more research and talking to the Toronto Karisma rep, I understand why it is that way. I was all set to book when I found out from my TA that Transat doesn't offer flights from the east coast at that time of year and more specifically Transat doesn't fly to Charlottetown at all!! Eek! We found this out late in the game because they had just switched to using Transat as their sole operator right when we were getting quotes. It was so frustrating because everything was starting to fall into place. We had the quote we wanted (from Toronto), the resort, the dates and it was looking like it would all work within our budget. We tried to move the dates around because we thought we could get the PEI folk to fly out of either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick but that meant moving the wedding into Feb and the quotes we got back were really high for Toronto. We considered a bunch of different options but in the end we decided to keep Azul Fives because this was the place we really wanted to get married, keep the dates as it was more affordable in general and then to just book land only rooms for our east coast guests. Since we were booking 14 months before our wedding it would everyone lots of time to search for cheap flights. Ironically most of our east coast guest are opting to fly out of Toronto anyway. Our quotes are as follows: From Toronto $1630 From Calgary $1934 From Edmonton $1969 From Vancouver $1948 Land only $1252 With the months we were looking at the west coast and east coast were always more expensive and the first week in Jan was the cheapest for all. From the time of our engagement to the time we booked our wedding was almost exactly 1 month!
  15. @@ashhtayy I think that will work perfectly especially without a first look.
  16. @@ashhtayy @@deecol I'm not too sure what's happening with decor for the PEI reception. I think if anything we'll be going really simple. My MIL wants to plan this event but there are still a lot of things up in the air on the planning side. Sean told me to make him a list of questions to ask her, just to make sure she's not forgetting anything major. I'll probably end up bringing all my candles and I'm sure my sister in law will help with some simple decor. She's the one who made my veil. I survived the dinner with my dad's family. It was nice actually but always a bit awkward with my father. My 90 year old grandmother is so cute though. She totally guilt tripped us as usual about having children. She said "All of my friend's have great grandchildren and I don't have any. If I die and I don't have a great grandchild I'll be really sad...". My aunt just shook her head and said "what a little rascal - she knows she can get away with being dramatic" haha! So the big news is that one of my maid of honour got engaged on Friday - woohoo!! I'm so excited for her and I'm also not so secretly excited to keep wedding planning! haha! she's excited that I'm eager to help. She called us Saturday morning and we all went out to get manis! She wants to have a short engagement as they want to have kids soon so they are hoping for this Oct/Nov! So we started discussing plans right away. it's funny they have had mulitple people ask them about a destination wedding. Sadly they don't want to have one but that's ok. They might actual open up the honeymoon to friends for a week and continue to travel on their own. I've heard of this idea before and I really like it. it's the next best thing to a DW. We had planned to watch our full length wedding video with my maids of honours and their partners on Monday. Since we made plans my friend got engaged so it turned into reminiscing about our wedding and celebrating their engagement! We had champagne and lots of cake!
  17. @@ashhtayy your dress looks amazing!!!! Love that you went out for tropical drinks - so fun! Especially with the weather being so nice right now!!
  18. @@deecol you're leaving so soon!! It looks like you are in amazing shape and ready to have a nice relaxing couple of days before you head off! Everything looks amazing! I love your place cards! What a lovely surprise party your work put together! That's so sweet and I loved that they faked a possible early birth - haha!
  19. Congrats!! Everything looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics!
  20. We received out full length video this week and I can't stop watching it! I really thought I only wanted the highlight video. I thought how often am I really going to watch our entire wedding. It came with the package but now I'm so glad we have it. I actually love it a lot more than our highlight. Our highlight video is great but the full length really captures a lot of moments with guests that we weren't there to witness. We received two dvds and the menu has different sections of the wedding. Disc 1 highlight video getting ready first look ceremony Disc 2 bride and groom (between ceremony and reception) first dance speeches party I can't wait to show this to my mom this weekend! Believe it or not we still have a couple of wedding events coming up...yes even 3 months after our wedding. We have a dinner with my dad's side of the family (none of them came to Mexico) this weekend. This is mainly for my grandma who is 90 and I'm the first grandchild to get married. I'm not close with this side of the family so these events are always a little weird but I know my grandma will love it and I'm excited to see my Aunt who was the only one I was close with growing up. We also have a reception on PEI in July. We're still finalizing the details. My MIL really wants to have something there since she couldn't come to Mexico but we're trying to keep it small and low key. She says they are going to play my processional song at the reception. I don't know if you guys remember but they were supposed to record it (Sean's family is mostly made up of strings musicians) for Mexico but it never happened...well my MIL feels like she let us down and is insisting that she makes it happen for July. I'm actually not upset about it anymore and I hope they don't stress too much about it. My MIL has had a shoulder injury since the fall, which makes playing the violin really difficult. I'm nervous she's going to push herself too much. This is not so much about our DW anymore but since it is still wedding related I thought I'd update my thread.
  21. @@ashhtayy Oh I LOVE the hankies!! I was thinking about getting those for our mums too before we found out they couldn't come to Mexico. They are going to love them! Take pics when they arrive!
  22. @@deecol you are in such great shape!!! I can't believe how close you are to leaving! Time is going to fly by and you'll be in paradise in no time! Can't wait to see it all together!
  23. @@ashhtayy your lyric print is beautiful, it's going to be such a nice keepsake for you guys after the wedding! Love the pink bowties and I agree that the lighter colour will be a nice contrast to the dresses. As for baby's breath, I didn't see any when I was on the hunt for wedding decor but I feel like if anyone would know it would be @.
  24. @@yycbride2016 @@calgarybride2015 Thanks ladies!! I showed our video to our niece and she wanted to watch it over and over again...high praise from a 4 year old.
  25. snswedding2016

    Vancouverpetunia - Now Sapphire - April 7, 2016

    @@vancouverpetunia Congrats!! You looked beautiful! I hope everything was just as you dreamed it would be! Have an amazing honeymoon!!