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Kcole123 Planning Thread - April 17, 2015 - Melia Caribe Tropical

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That's a good idea about putting the tag on the garment bag.

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Congrats!!!! Mrs!



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I cried too. Of course. But not the while time. I hate when I cry too I kick myself after for it haha.


Anyway supper didn't go as planned. The one of few restaurants that we like here in Wainwright was closed. So we ended up at McDonalds. Nathan said "we can eat in there." Awww romance alive and well hahaha love it though cause that's us. Very low key.


Nathan is doing much better. His rash has gone down quite a bit. He has a doctors appointment tomorrow to check on it. I thought it was today but it's tomorrow.


Picked up my second dress today too from the seamstress. Fits much better now and is perfect. Hoping to be able to fit 2 wedding dresses and Nathans suit in the one garment bag. I will see how that goes. I have yet to even look at starting to pack so maybe this is something I will tackle on Wednesday.


Tomorrow is my Brazillian wax. I am terrified and feel I may not sleep so well tonight. That would be horrible considering I have a two hour drive to edmonton to get to that appointment. Hopefully all goes ok. I will let you know how it all goes. So yeah this is why I said packing on Wednesday night because I would imagine I wouldn't be in the mood to do much of anything once I get back from that. Hahaha

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