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December 2014 Bride!

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Hello everyone,


Decided to post an introductory post! I just got engaged 3 weeks ago and am already in the thick of planning - I'm definitely a type A person with these things! We're hoping to get married in 2014 so we're aiming for a December wedding. Otherwise because I am going back to school next year, we'd have to wait until April and I would rather not wait that long if possible. We've been dating for almost 5 years already, so I would like to have this thing become official already :D .


I've always wanted a destination wedding, especially after going to wedding after wedding the last few years (I'm at that age where all my friends are getting married!). While it would be nice to have all my friends be able to attend, the thought of all that time, energy and money spent on literally one day is hard for me to swallow. If we were to have a wedding in Toronto, it'd be over 200 people for sure and I've never been comfortable with being the centre of attention.


Luckily my fiance was the one to actually suggest a destination wedding the night we got engaged, and I've been running with it ever since! And the thought of having a week of memories, an amazing time with family and friends, AND our wedding to be in such a beautiful destination seems like a win win situation for me! I also like how we will be surrounded by our closest family and friends, and I'm hoping everyone has an amazing time


Right now we're actively planning a Cancun wedding at the Beach Palace for December. Hoping to lock down our date and group booking this week so I can send out the Save the Dates I already have ready to go :) . We were originally considering Moon Palace, Dreams Riviera and Azul Sensatori, but ultimately chose Beach Palace because we love the location, the beach is important to us, and Palace seems to have such good perks if we can get enough rooms booked!


This forum has been a godsend since finding it. It has been SO helpful reading about real brides planning their weddings in these places. I am trying to get my post count up to 150 so I can see all of the attachments!



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Welcome to the site and congratulations!


If there is anything this site is NOT short of, it's information! I know you will find tons of ideas and tips from past and current brides, and yes a few grooms too! Definitely have some fun with the site. Take some time to read some of the vendor and resort reviews even though you've already decided on the "where". It's nice to see positive reviews, and yes, even some of the negatives. You know then what to look out for.


I haven't been there, but from things I've read Beach Palace is beautiful, and I attended the webinar held by Tammy for Moon Palace and Playacar Palace and Palace resorts really have something special!


You sound like you're already well organized! Good luck and happy planning!

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congratulations & welcome to BDW!!!

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You're right, Lily, everyone here is great and there are tons of wonderful resources too - so you're sure to find some great help and ideas. Hope your dw is Everything you wish for - or Even More !!!


Here's a visual of some magical wedding "moments that matter" Linc captured at some of the resorts you're considering.......enjoy :)


Azul Sensatori.... with more at the album link here: Azul Sensatori Wedding




this from Moon Palace......album link here: Moon Palace Wedding




and Dreams Cancun......with album link here: Dreams Cancun Wedding




enjoy your research, and all the best with your plans - cheers! team MTM :)

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@@tygrrlily Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants and jumps right into planning! :)


I'm actually originally from Toronto but now live here in Cancun with my hubby shooting destination weddings. Beach Palace is a gorgeous hotel. We have a wedding at BP coming up soon.


Happy planning and here are a few photos from a recent Palace Resort wedding we shot...

*Full Album can be seen here


















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