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  1. Hola @@jsparrow10! @@kmk2016 is right that if you really want to a picture perfect beach AND be closer to the action...Cancun might be the way to go But if you fall in love with another hotel in the Riviera Maya that meets most of your needs (like the Hard Rock Riviera Maya which is an incredible resort!) you can still get gorgeous wedding day shots in their beach coves and some dramatic shots along their shoreline. For something COMPLETELY different you could always plan to do a post wedding Trash or Rock the Dress session the day after in another fabulous location all together like
  2. Hola @@TheBHolders! Doing engagement photos while visiting Mexico during a site inspection vacation before your destination wedding is pretty awesome & doesn't get more perfect!!!!!! Not only will you get some gorgeous sunny photos to help celebrate your engagement and to send out with save the date cards (in a very appropriate beachy kind of way) but it's also the perfect way to bond with your wedding day photographer before the big day. We LOVE getting to have a little fun during an E-session with our future beach brides & grooms! Below are a few samples to take a peek at i
  3. @@BusyBee280 Awhile back I would have strongly advised against wearing your down because it can get pretty windy on the beach. That said...we have had several of our beach brides prove me wrong and successfully pull off getting married with their hair down, long and flowing or pulled to the side My advice is to wear your hair however you want so you feel comfortable and beautiful. It is nicer though for bridesmaids to wear their hair up or tied back (especially when there are several of them). It's one thing to make sure the wind is "just right" for our bride in a wedding party photo but
  4. Hola @@LisaAnthonyPoppy! We recently shot a wedding at Grand Coral Beach Club & Joyce from @@dreamweddings just happened to be our couple's wedding planner. From the feedback from our bride & groom I know she was a HUGE help to coordinate with the venue and arrange every day of detail. The venue perfectly describes your wants & needs so fingers crossed you'll be able to work something out to hold your dream wedding here in paradise at Grand Coral! It truly is a gorgeous and most importantly of all...completely PRIVATE Our couple Susan & Andy held their ceremony in the
  5. @@kmistry Moon Palace & Hard Rock Riviera Maya are both quickly becoming go to spots for our Indian beach brides & grooms looking to get married here in Mexico as these larger resorts are able to easily accommodate wedding groups of 100+ guests & are familiar with the traditions of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim wedding ceremonies! That said we know the local Sikh/Hindu priests are also able to perform the ceremony at any hotel or non-resort location. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions & Happy Planning! Below are images of a wedding we shot recently a
  6. @@CookieClay We just recently shot a wedding at Paradisus Cancun here in the Cancun hotel zone. It was quite nice and plenty of gorgeous spots to shoot on the beach as well as inside (perfect back-up option for photos in the unfortunate event of rain!). As destination wedding photographers these things all make us extremely happy Oh and our couple held their reception at La Perla which was perfect even for a small group. Below are our images from Bob & Lindsey's fabulous wedding at Paradisus Cancun. Click here to see the full album (including details, getting ready, full ceremony, bea
  7. Hola @@vclaud, @@wincho, @@kwoltzen, @@CookieClay, @@bm6789! We know the Paradisus Cancun threads are a little quieter so we thought we'd share images of a gorgeous wedding we just recently shot at the Paradisus right here in the Cancun hotel zone. Highlights a fabulous stretch of beach (we live just minutes away on the same beach which we absolutely ADORE) nice rooms for getting ready photos beautiful ceremony set-up and gorgeous indoor common areas for photos (a HUGE saviour if you end up with a rainy day) opportunity for incredible sunset shots!!! Happy planning & please don't
  8. @@Rmbrooks, @@jrain1225, @@btam, @@ChristinaL, @@ChristienEarnest, @@lastminbride & @@laurissag We just shot a wedding at Hard Rock Cancun and are quickly booking up more Hard Rock Riviera Maya weddings to capture just around the corner! The Hard Rock chain is super hot right now and both are fabulous choices for a destination wedding here in Mexico!!! Here is what we can share...Hard Rock has quickly become one of our new all time favourite chains here in Mexico to shoot in. Their wedding coordinators are incredible (we were impressed with even little things like their attention to de
  9. @@angelajackson, @@onomatopoeia57, @@tmac06, @@kaylanicole & @@Pablou You guys have all made an AWESOME decision to get married at Hard Rock Cancun! The beach is part of the nicest stretch of beach in Cancun/Riviera Maya (we actually live just a few minutes away from HRC in the hotel zone), the onsite wedding coordinators are amazing, the food is delicious, the waitstaff go above & beyond and the hotel has some of the most beautiful locations to shoot in! It all helped make our job even easier Here are a few images from a wedding we shot at Hard Rock Cancun just last weekend... *
  10. @@mrsjruiz81 We recently shot an Engagement Session for an adorable couple at Secrets the Vine who will also be coming back to Cancun for their fabulous destination wedding. Lots of gorgeous spots to shoot in and the beach in front of the hotel is amazing! Happy planning! To view more images from Cierra & Brandon's Engagement Session at Secrets the Vine click here
  11. Hola @@dawnb, It's true that by hiring an outside professional in the end you will be comfortable knowing what to expect from your photographer in terms of coverage, quality AND price. Often resorts still have many hidden costs and won't provide you with all of your hi-res images, full rights etc. For example we even have packages that start at $1,500 and will cover many of the must have moments from your special day. Happy planning!
  12. Hola @@DZweds! The truth is if you've narrowed it down to 3 solid choices (after extensive research etc.) here in the Riviera Maya it can be quite exhausting and time consuming to visit more than that while you're here all in one day. When you factor in travel time between each one, time to properly tour the grounds as well as any quick lunch or beverage breaks you'll find the day will go by SUPER FAST. NOW Saphire & Ocean Coral are right next to each other which will help save you a little time and can be seen together in one day. If you want to explore other options not on your l
  13. Hola @@HerreraNovia, So so so many decisions! Private beach clubs are pretty awesome and can give you complete flexibility to customize your wedding exactly the way YOU want it while also having privacy. Here are just a few images of a wedding we recently shot at Grand Coral Beach Club (Joyce of @@dreamweddings was their Wedding Planner). If you're interested in having a non-resort wedding you can always try running your vision past a wedding planner here in Mexico to see what they can dream up for you and what options are out there. We just visited another new non-resort venue yesterd
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