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HOW TO BUDGET your Destination Wedding. AWESOME FORMULA!!

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A destination wedding can be one of the most gorgeous options for your big day. But unless you're just inviting a small group of people, it can also quickly become very expensive when you add up all of the costs associated with hosting a far-away celebration.Things to keep in mind while planning destination wedding are:


1. Timing is everything: Before settling on a destination,visit their tourism site to ensure there aren't any major events scheduled during that time. 


2.  Talk budget early: This is true for any wedding, but especially for a destination wedding. Prices can vary greatly from place to place (and even what’s offered within the place), so knowing how much money you’re going in with, and trying to stick to that budget, will help you narrow down your options. 


3. Travel low: If you want to cut your destination wedding's budget,fly during the low season.


4. Save the date..Early: Send out your save the dates as soon as you have the date and place in mind so people have ample time to save up if they'd like to come.

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But how to I include the reception I am having back home once we return for those guests that we want to celebrate with that can afford or make the actual ceremony?

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