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  1. What's that DJ type app that many people have used to play music at their private events?
  2. Hi Jackie - Our wedding is next Sunday. We are thinking of taking a BOSE system, too, for some of the outdoor non-wedding events we are having. We have about 60 adutls and 15 kids. My fiancé is concerned that the BOSE 10 will be too large/fraguile to transport. He is look at "the 3". What's your advice? HAS ANYONE ELSE TAKEN A BOSE SYSTEM for the music? Thanks!
  3. Britt - Thinking of you on your wedding week!!!!! Hope everything is going great for you guys. CONGRATULATIONS and tell me all when you get back! xox

  4. Kaleillis - Just ask for a new one. Fellow past and future brides - I am about to have a planner assigned (not the on-site coordinator). Can you please tell me who is your, and if you like her, why/why not? Thank you so very much!! I am looking for someone who 'gets it' (ideas/concerns, etc..), and isn't out for every last cent for absolutely everything. Thanks!
  5. Hi fellow brides - Who is your wedding planner (not the on-site coordinator) for Moon Palace, and how do you like them? I am about to be assigned mine, and I'd love to know ahead of time who are the recommended ones in case I have any influence over the matter. Thank you!
  6. Shan - I was thinking that maybe they don't ask you for a contract for smallest weddings. But, clearly that is not the case. I guess it just varies.
  7. You're welcome, Amanda. Can you send it on over to BroFlo? I don't have access to it right now on my phone.
  8. The process for me has been this: - Call to find out wedding availability for my range of dates -site inspection stay - send in $250 deposit (which will be credited to my wedding extras) to hold the wedding day and time. (I have the complimentary package) -Palace weddings immediately wanted my Wedding Ceremony Contract signed and returned. Some items on there were missing and/or wrong. So I've been sorting that out. -As soon as I sign the ceremony contract, they will pass me on o a wedding planner, then 30 days prior my wedding coordinator will be assigned Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Amanda, Are you talking about the rooms, the ceremony packages or the 'extras (flowers, photo, decor, music, etc.)? The first tie should be given before booking a date.
  10. Mrs. Corney ), Wow, wow, wow! You, the wedding, the photography. Thanks for the review and for the tips for us future brides. Congratulations!
  11. Hi Jinele, You got to see the chapel clear of the religious images. I love that chapel! Did you see the one at Hard Rock Riviera Maya? Are you having a Catholic ceremony?
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