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  1. @TATasha is there anyway of getting updated prices for poolside reception options.
  2. Has anyone ever been bumped before? Looking to book at tulum but stay at Coba this week. Need to know ASAP as this is a deal breaker for for my wife on this venue.
  3. @@TATrisha Can you confirm something for me please? I heard that if i stay at Coba I get second priority for wedding venues. Meaning if I ask for the Akumal beach location and then someone stays at Akumal and they want the same one for the same date then I get bumped to a secondary location. Please tell me this isn't true.
  4. @@vancouverpetunia I wish it was possible - but we are set on it and at this point reopening all research options is out of the question. We know what we want - we just wish others could afford it too. Does anyone have any pictures from GBP beach weddings ? Jean is wanting to take it off our list but it is our least expensive option She doesn't like how most of the pictures show a rocky beach - she thinks they ruin the beach's appeal.
  5. @@deecol really hoping you post pictures soon - she is starting to consider GBP not an option anymore since she doesn't like the rocky beach in the background.
  6. @BritML0121there are many great photographers out there like MTM photogrpahy that cover those fees if you buy a big enough package - also some resorts have "ways around" the fee - like booking the photographer a room for 2 or 3 days and having them attend as a "guest" which means including them in the reception and everything - if you are still under the max for the reception/ceremony including them wont cost you anything - but if you are already over and paying for extra people it will Sometimes this way around can be significantly lower than the fee itself as the fees can go as high as 10
  7. @@deecol thank you for the amazingly quick reply We have been up in the air about it because it is really the only thing we need. She is a licenced hair dresser and doesnt need any make up to make her look spectacular (no need to cover up those cute freckles ) and since we are planning on haveing a reception on return to halifax, we arent looking to go too over the top at the reception in Mexico
  8. @@TATrisha Can you confirm the current vendor fee for photographers - what is the usual contractual obliagtion? 3 nigts and 400USD? Has anyone recently used Tropic One Studios - the one endorsed by GBP? are they any good? worth the money? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. yes we looked into some of the PV locations and they seemed about the same price and value wise. Not enought to justify the extra 3+ hours of flight time with a 3 year old lol We are hoping to go direct as well to hopefully let out son(and other kid) sleep on the way there and not have to keep wrangling them in for lack of a better term. Our son is an angel but less take offs and landings the better
  10. I would love to move to another month - end May - but flights from Halifax and Winnepeg stop April 30th to most sun destinations. My guests (and my family) would have to pay for seperate flights to Toronto to travel. I know you are thinking "then why not February" - I have some very important guests that cannot travel until at least Mid March - and its is more expsensive(and busy) at that time due to March/Spring break
  11. omg i cant believe i forgot Sandos in the list - Yes we have looked at Sandos - from Halifax it is still looking sitting at about 1650 problem with is that kids are so expensive - they said in their defense that since there is so much for kids to do there that they dont give much discounts - still 1100 - even for a 3 year old. This makes a family of 4 pay 5500 and that is too much for some of my guests. Also the only wedding package they offer that allows us to get married on the beach is Caribbean Fantasy and that is their most expensive one at 3750US. Vanessa - one of their reps - said we
  12. wish I was home so planning would be easier

  13. Hello everyone I may be the only groom on this site - I am away at sea with the Canadian Navy and my wife-to-be is busy with our son so I thought I'd do a little research. We live in Halifax, but have guests coming from Toronto, Ottawa, Winnepeg and of course Halifax. We have a 2 year old son (3 at the time of travel) and may of our guests have chlildren ages 2-10 so we would like something fun for them. We want our wedding to be something our son thinks of (at least for a while since he will be 3) and remembers as a really fun experience. We have decided a little kids water park is a must
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