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  1. Hi! I have a bit of a dilemma. Months ago I sent my boss and his wife the Save the Date and he replied that they couldn't make it. Should I still send them an invitation? I've done extensive research on this matter and I still don't have an answer I know some people say that everyone who gets a STD gets an invitation while others say that if a guest has declined you shouldn't send them an invitation (unless they are close friends/family) because it comes across as a gift-grab. Now, I really like both of them (yes, seriously) so I don't want them to feel like I neglected sending the invitation and coming across as impolite but on the other hand I really don't want to come across as asking for gifts, I mean, he is my boss after all!!! What do I do??? Thank you!
  2. Hi! Is anyone here going to the BDR this week? I'd love to meet some of you there!
  3. Hi, Just wondering if any Azul Fives brides will be going to the BDR this week? I'm on my way to the airport and would love to see some of you there I'm so excited!
  4. We have a confirmed time and date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are getting married on April 6, 2016 at 2:00 pm at Azul Fives! I'm ecstatic I was finally able to get this done. Now the fun part begins YAY!!!!
  5. @@TinkerSofi You have great taste in men Ok. I've asked my TA about what to do regarding our move. We'll see what she says
  6. @@acastello2 You really need to double check with the hotel. As far as I know catholic ceremonies can only be performed in churches and chapels. @@TinkerSofi wait, Colombia? I'm Colombian!!!
  7. @@snswedding2016 thank you! That's good to know. To answer your question we would be flying out of the US but most of our guests (60 - 70%) will be flying out of Canada. Should I work with two TAs to get packages for my Canadian and US guests? The problem is that most of the TAs require a deposit from the couple so it doesn't make sense to put down two deposits
  8. @@Layla79 @@TinkerSofi @ashhtayy Thank you so much for your responses. Can you please tell me which TA you are working with? We are planning a May 2016 wedding and I was told that by May prices should start to go down because it's considered "shoulder season". Also, for the US brides, which TA are you guys using? There is a very high probability that we might be moving to the US in the next couple of months so I need to figure out what to do! I can use a Canadian TA and book / hold everything now or wait until we move and do everything then, but I kind of want to get a date soon! Thoughts???
  9. Hi ladies, We are planning our wedding for May 2016 and have about 50 - 60 guests joining us and after a lot of research and spreadsheets comparisons I'm 90% on board with the Azul Fives. My only concern is that I don't think we are getting a great deal. Our packages came in at $2,000 from Calgary, and $1,850 from Toronto (1 bedroom suite). Also we are only getting the 21st adult free (hotel only) and no word on free events or anything like that. I mentioned it to my TA but she said that they don't have any offers at the moment. I also checked their website but it looks like the free events and bride and groom stay for free are only available to US residents and in the case of the free events it is only available if you get married from June 1st to December 22nd (so, for hurricane season only) We live in Canada so I think it is very unfair that Canadian brides don't get these offers. Has anyone had better luck? What TA are you using?
  10. @@kimmyd2 I'm so happy I'm not alone! I'm actually on week 15 now, I finished the whole guide and I'm now on week 3 of round two I feel your pain. The first few weeks were the hardest because you are still trying to find a way to balance everything. But once you have that part figured out it gets much easier which is probably why I haven't felt the need to join a bootcamp or anything like that. Once I'm through with round 2 I will go for BBG 2.0 but at that point in time I will need to join a gym because it requires a lot more equipment. Another tip that might help is to think of your work out as something you get to do for yourself, not as something else on your to do list. I find this approach helps me stay focused. Also, I found a great motivator were my progress pictures. Did you take your week 0 pictures? Seeing my own (undeniable) progress gave me more than enough motivation to keep me going. Also I created an account on instagram (caritobbg) to track my progress. I did this for two reasons: 1. Accountability and 2. Inspiration. There are thousands of girls around the world who are doing the program so it feels like we are all in this together. Everyone is supportive and willing to help and I love seeing everyone's progress because it's further proof that it works Lastly, once you've been doing the program for a while you will start to notice a lot of additional benefits that you weren't expecting. For example, I ran a 10k two weeks ago and beat my personal record by 5 minutes without much training! I was shocked! I was going for just being under my previous time but as I started the race and got into my rhythm and checked my pace I realized I could do it. I was ecstatic! Other things like being able to carry or move things on your own or walk for hours while sightseeing without thinking about it are just a couple of other additional benefits I've noticed. I know it's a bit of a long answer, but I just want you to know that you can do this. I have never been fit or athletic before in my life. I have always been thin but I've come to realize that thin and fit are two very different things. I couldn't even do a push up when I started! So I know that if I can do it, anyone can To answer your question, we are planning our wedding for May 2016 so still a long time from now. I'm still in the process of selecting a venue which has been a bit overwhelming How's planning going on your side? Caro
  11. Thank you for posting this! I'm trying to choose a venue so detailed opinions from other brides are very helpful. Can I ask you about the beach? Was it nice or full of seagrass? We are planning to get married on the beach so it is kind of important Thanks again
  12. @@FutureMrsGarcia and @ Thank you so much. That definitely puts me at ease with this option I was wondering, is a site visit necessary? Every blog/magazine/book/website seems to highly recommend a site visit but I'm wondering how many brides actually do it. I have yet to hear anything back from my contact at palace resorts so I was wondering if any of you could share their price lists for additional decorations and stuff.... Do they have one? Thanks again
  13. Hi ladies, I hope I'm in the right place. I'm seriously considering the Beach Palace as my venue (in part thanks to @perianjay) but I really really want to get married on the beach (grew up on one, fiance proposed on one, need to get married on one). However, I've noticed that most of the brides getting married at BP chose the sky bar for the ceremony. Is there something wrong with the beach? Is it too crowded? Not private enough? Or just not very nice? Thanks in advance, this is kind of a deal breaker for me.
  14. @@JenniferH114 Thank you for taking the time to describe the reasons why you chose ERC. It is honestly all very helpful Is it really only $45 per additional guest and it includes everything??? That's crazy! You are right, I've seen a few price lists and they charge for napkins, chairs, candles, flowers etc + setting up costs + food + alcohol.... I haven't added it all up because I might just decide to elope! Have you received detailed information regarding prices for additional services: music, decor, flowers, etc.? Do they offer any perks such as additional nights / upgrades or events depending on how many guests join you? How have they been in terms of communication? I have yet to hear back from them (or any one else for that matter) and it is starting to get very frustrating Thank God you gals are here to answer all my questions! @@Moments That Matter & @@Matt Adcock thank you for your suggestions! Since you seem to be experts on the matter I though I would ask you a couple of questions. As I mentioned before I want pictures on the beach with the beautiful blue and turquoise waters as the background. However, in some of the pictures I've seen the colors don't translate quite as bright on the pictures and they turn up with the colors being a bit dull. I'm just wondering if there are any factors that have an impact on the color of the water. Is it the lighting? The location? I just don't understand why some pictures look kind of meh and others look amazing even when taken at the same spot. Also, how important is the actual beach in getting those amazing pictures? Is it really worth it to go to a place with a better / nicer beach in order to get better pictures? Or do I just need a very talented and experienced photographer? Thanks in advance, I hope my questions make sense and they are not to silly
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