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  1. Thanks for sharing! It was a great info! It is quite important that our invitation should not get damaged during mailing process.A very good advice to follow which many people overlook.
  2. Do whatever you want to do while keeping his emotions in mind. Its your wedding so the decision should be yours on any issue.But also think that he must be having sentimental attachment to that ring which allowed him to give it to you. SO, whatever you do respect his feelings to that ring.
  3. They are absolutely fantastic! You must use your creations for earning some bucks.Great tutorial!
  4. I also used to face the same problem.But now i have fixed it with the help of methods explained above.
  5. Aqua and coral are the latest trends.You can also try various shades of pink.
  6. I have read somewhere that coral is in trend nowadays. Well as per my knowledge it is best suited for beach wedding. Other colors for which you can go for are aqua and navy blue.
  7. That sounds intersting! I have never heard about those. Probably they are the artificially made diamonds just like pearls are cultured artificially.
  8. I would have gone with coral,aqua or pink.
  9. They are incredibly amazing!What a unique idea.The best DIY stationary to do.Everything is looking as never seen before.Hats off to your creativity.
  10. Yeah I think that will be comfortable for your guests.It will be helpful for your guests especially from the out-of-town or country to get a better description about the wedding events, just in case they haven't visited your website.
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