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  1. All pricing is posted on photos. Any questions, more photos or for more info feel free to ask! Cross posted on Facebook Wedding Flea Market pages.
  2. Hi! Would you be willing to ship to US? Pennsylvania zip: 15012
  3. Very cute idea!! Love them!
  4. Our cake is a white cake with a salted caramel pretzel icing...it is ahhhmazing. I can not wait!
  5. Love this topic! I can't wait to hear more! Thank you @@jsparrow10! Love the clear wrapping advice! I'd end up in TSA custody if they got my dress dirty!!
  6. Hi Ladies! I am just starting all of my planning (I will be adding my engagement story soon!!) My first task is my wedding hashtag. Only because I want to use it throughout the whole process (my wedding email ect..) I was looking for something creative and maybe a play on words but something that won't be hard to remember for guests and easy to spell! Our names are Nicole and Dan. His last name that I will be taking is Cope. So far I've thought of: #StokedtobeaCope but we are getting married on the beach in Flordia, so I was tryng to put a beach flair to it. Any ideas??
  7. I made it! With the amount of info on here...It did not take me anywhere close to the amount of time as I thought it would!!
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