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HOW TO BUDGET your Destination Wedding. AWESOME FORMULA!!

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In Martoca Beach Garden we pride ourselves in helping brides organize the wedding so it goes exactly as planned. We make sure they know exactly what they are going to get; even if sometimes it falls short of what they expected. It is better to be clear and precise with our brides so they know exactly what they can afford and not to lead them on to false expectations. In cases when they fall short of their expectations it is the lack of an appropiate budget that usually hinders these bride´s plans.

We suggest that before you contact a wedding professional you sit down and discuss your budget range with your loving partner. Make sure brides understand the costs involved in the basic parts of the party and therefore; budget accordingly.
The following items are essential for any party and therefore must be accounted for in any budget. 70 % of your budget should be spent on these 7 items or factors, the other 30% can be for extras and other expenses.
I call this the 70 on 7 rule. 
1. Venue
2. Catering Service 
3. Bar
4. Dj/Music and Dancefloor
5. Coordination/Wedding Planning/Design
6. Ceremony
7. Decorations
Once these seven key factors are budgeted for THEN and only then will you be able to think of extras like fireworks, fire dancers, flower arrangements, transportation, tents, etc. These 7 factors are non-negotiable for your party. You must have them so you must come to terms with them and budget for them. Of course there are variations among the pricing for each of these items and it is usually directly related to the quality provided by the vendors for each item.
A few examples for you to consider:
Venue vary from 1,000 dollars and up to 10,000 or more.
Center pieces may vary from 20 dollars each up to 400 plus.
The bar may cost 30 dollars per person up to 120 per person per night.
Tables may cost 6 dollars a piece to rent up to 140 dollars each or more.
Ceremony arches may cost between 150 dollars up to 2,000 or more...
Catering may cost from 40 dollars a person up to 250 dollars or more per person
It is all a matter of taste and most importantly; your budget.
So find out how much you have to spend and then organize these in matter of importance for you. For instance, if food and beverage are not as much of a priority as the setting and location is, then you may spend more on the venue than the catering. However, if you want food or drinks that are amazing and the venue is not as important then you would spend your money on that and not so much the venue. This will ensure your money is spent on what you desire the most at your party.
So once you have this figured out you are on your way. Contact us or your wedding planner of choice and let them know what you have in mind and how much money you have to achieve it with. If they are any good they should be able to put something together to accomodate you. Maybe you will have to sacrifice certain things or quality but if you have your priorities straight then you will end up with a party perfectly suited just for you!
Enjoy your planning!
Jimmy Basanez
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You are welcome my friends. It works quick and it is easy to remember and it is almost exactly right! Unless of course you are Mariah Carey or something like that and then she may do 90% on diamonds and decorations and 10% on food HAHA. I love to help so if you have any questions feel free to chat me up. Even if you do not get married in our garden in Vallarta if I can give you advice I will be glad to do so; I may be able to help... a destination wedding is similar no matter what beach it is on :)


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