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  1. Hello ladies, I am curious has anyone used the Hotel DJ and if so How were they? Any input would totally help. I cant decide on the DJ's
  2. @@shadow26 Thanks so much. I was a little worried because I havent really read much reviews on them. I also was looking at outside venders, but the fee plus the vendor fee was ridiculous. I think I'll save and go with salon.
  3. @@shadow26 thanks so much for the information I think I'm going to use the resort salon. Do you know what the price list is. I can't seem to find them anywhere @@shadow26 I almost forgot I saw your photos and they're beautiful. Your hair and makeup look great!
  4. Hello @@maybeoneday I'm getting married at the Barceló Maya Palace What about you?
  5. They look nice but How do they feel and look in real life?
  6. Hey girlies I'm also doing the photo guestbook but I will be getting some props and signs to make it fun.
  7. Getting married October 9th 2015. At the Barceló Maya palace deluxe!!!
  8. Hi!! I'm getting married October 9th in riviera Maya so excited !!!
  9. Hello I'm actually new to this site and I love it! So many tips and ideas. I do have a question has anyone used the resort salon for hair and makeup?
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