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Greetings ladies,


I have been trying for literally weeks to make our boarding pass STDs.  I have the template and instructions from ayleebits.com however her instructions must be for an older version of MS word.  I am using MS office 2010. Here are my issues:


(1) Can't find images. Where can I find free/nominal fee images/clip art of seashells, star fish and/or palm trees?


(2) How do you make the image appear behind the words...as if its a watermark?  I have tried to format the picture to remain "behind the text" however the option in grayed out and I cannot choose it. Ugh!


Could someone please help me?!? It would be of great assistance if someone could email an editable template with graphics so I could learn by playing around with a completed boarding pass.  If not, instructions would be nice as well.


I really wanted to make these myself but at this rate, I may have to purchase them :(


Thanks in advance

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dafonts.com- that is where I got all my free fonts- palm trees and starfish! :)

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I didn't make my own for this very reason. Have you already tried reading through this thread? http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80126/aylee-template-help Some other brides suggested working on the doc in other programs like PhotoShop or Publisher. Not sure if you have those or are more familiar with them, but that could be easier? Sorry I'm not more help!

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