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  1. gkashmira, your dress is BEAUTIFUL! It would be nice to keep it, but I can understand why you would want or need to sell it, watching it sit in your closet is not fun, might as well help make another bride just as happy and pretty as you were on your special day =) Congrats on your beautiful wedding! -Jill
  2. Hey Ladies, Congratulations on your recent engagements! One of my brides is getting married at the Barcelo Maya Tropical at the end of this year (2013) Majority of their wedding packages include a 3 hour private reception and open bar in a Banquet, for up to 15-24 guests, and additional guests are an extra $27-$75 per guest, depending on which package you go with. Mint Breeze package $2200 for 20 guests / $27 per additional guest Strawberry Passion package $3500 for 15 guests / $66 per additional guest Tangerine Sunset package $9800 for 24 guests/ $75 per additional guest Open Bar (National drinks) $11 per person per hour Dance Floor $780 for rental Dance floor with lights $1208 I have the packages in a pdf version if anyone is interested in them, you can email me at jill@bluepetalweddings.com if you have any questions. Good luck and happy planning! -Jill
  3. They usually get back to me within a week or so whenever I email them. Especially to confirm your wedding date. Who are you corresponding with at the RIU? We have clients getting married here next year, let me know if you have any questions and I will see if I have the answers! Good luck and happy planning =)
  4. Hey Antoinette, Congratulations on your recent Engagement! What is that you would like to know? Here are the pictures that I have, for your reference. These are for some of the venue options at the RIU Palace Costa Rica. Conference Centre Ballroom Green Area Green Area Flamingo Terrace Terrace Limpia (4th Floor Terrace) - Very large area and beautiful for reception, but maximum time is 10PM since there are a lot of rooms right under the terrace
  5. These aren't really beach shoes, but love the bottom bling! This photo is from one of our gorgeous brides who got married last year in Oahu.
  6. @Martoca, These are great inspirations, thanks for sharing! I definitely agree, you have to have a balance!
  7. Thanks for sharing your wedding photos with all of us here on the forum @kary, your wedding looked beautiful!
  8. Everyone of these chuppahs are so beautiful! Great inspiration!
  9. @flor628, that's so romantic, to have the person who set you up, marry you! I love the idea of doing the Tequila shots to get everyone loosened up. Congratulations on your engagement, you're all going to have such a good time!
  10. Congratulations @mvee1025, thank you for sharing those pictures! Definitely gives me a better idea and understanding for my brides getting married at the Now Larimar. Congratulations again, you looked absolutely radiant!!
  11. Hmm interesting! There's Target now in Langley, Delta, Surrey and Coquitlam B.C. I'll definitely have to check out this department!
  12. Ahhh love all the pictures! Thank you for sharing these! Congratulations!
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