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  1. I've read a lot of reviews online. We ended up choosing the Palace due to the fact that it was brand new and very modern. It appealed to our family's lifestyle the best. There is also a cost difference between the two. That in itself can be a deciding factor for you.
  2. This terrace option is not at the Palace but at the Guanacaste next door. Be advised.
  3. Please be advised that Pilar is not the hotel's coordinator - but the sales department at RIU Head office in Cancun. Ivannia is the designated Wedding Planner for RIU Palace Costa Rica.
  4. Considering the hotel is so new (opened November 2012), I am looking to hear from Brides who specifically were married at the new Palace as opposed to the Guanacaste. I have attempted to contact the hotel directly for details but from my understanding, all of the wedding details such as food, decor, private venue locations will be EXACTLY the same as the Guanacaste. Kind of defeats the point of paying extra to stay at the nicer (more expensive) resort. I'm sure than have been some brides to get married at the PALACE in the last 6 months since its been opened. Would love to hear
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