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  1. Thank you very much for your comments Donna, Happy and satisfied customers make our day! We wish you the best in life in this new journey you just began. Best regards from Cancun/ Riviera Maya
  2. Kalie, This is our main email address; info@oceanphotostudio.com Could you please verify you have the correct address? We appreciate it a lot! Have a great day
  3. How to #HashTag your wedding? Having a wedding photographer is essential for capturing the timeline of your big day. But what about all of the photos that your guests take throughout the evening? After all, they can capture some fun shots that your photographer may not have gotten. Plus, you often have to wait weeks to see the pictures that your wedding photographer took. Instagram is an easy way to check out all of the photos that were taken throughout your wedding. But with all of the guests at your nuptials posting pictures on Instagram, how are you supposed to see them all? This is where
  4. Wedding photos are the only commemoration of the hours and money spent to plan one of the most important days of your life. Therefore other than the choice of a life partner, choosing the wedding photographer is the most important wedding- related decision you will make. So is not to be taken lightly. Here some tips to make the right decision selecting the photographer to record your Big Day; 1. Choose the style of the wedding photography. Make some research about the photo trends; Traditional, Candid shots, Glamour-fashion, Combined style, Eclectic, etc. 2. Decide the
  5. Vicky, Thank you very much for your comments! We are glad we have fulfilled your expectations. It was an honor for us to be part of such an important occasion for you. We wish you the best!!
  6. Hello, Usually the white sand (Caribbean) does not get hot during the day. You girls will feel comfortable if you have decided to go barefoot. Best Regards!
  7. Nicole, Your comments mean a lot to us Thank you for letting us be part of your special day. We feel honored. Congratulations once again!
  8. Thank you very much for taking the time to send us your feedback. We appreciate it a lot! It was an honor for Ocean Photo Studio to be part of such an special day for you both. Congratulations once again Greetings from sunny Riviera Maya
  9. We know that you will live stressful moments during your wedding day, perhaps it is mandatory to know that Bride and Groom must be the happiest people during the celebration! Find 5 simple tricks to help you enjoy you big day; 1. Dance The best way to show you´re enjoying every minute of the celebration is; Get out on the dance floor and dance! If you are having a great time, everyone else will, too. 2. Put your energy into What Truly Matters Do you remember the last time you attended a wedding? If you notice, you have memories about the HIGHLIGHT moments o
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