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Tuesday workout

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Hello all,


Paula suggested that for everyone wanting/needing some motivation that we post a daily excercise. Rather it be something that we incorporate into our already planned workout of if it's the only thing you do for that day.


So to start things off, today is crunches.... Pick which ever you want to do.. OR for those "really" wanting a boost, try two or three of them.. :-)



A simple 'pelvic tilt' performed while sitting in a chair can strengthen your ab muscles and support the back.


Crunch - Lying on your back and knees bent; lift your shoulders off the floor. The emphasis is on moving the ribs towards the hips.


Reverse Curl - Lying on your back, bend your knees towards the chest. Keep the hips on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles at the same time. Your lower abdominal exercise program must include reverse curls.


Leg raise - Single leg raise involves raising one leg from the floor. The double leg raise involves raising both legs from the floor at the same time and this works as an abdominal muscle exercise. Lying leg raises are ideal lower abdominal exercise


Ab exercise with the ball - The stability ball is an effective training device for the abs and lower back. Due to the curve of the exercise ball, the lower abdominal muscles get trained better on account of the greater range of motion.


Bicycle- It was ranked the best abdominal exercise by the American Council on Exercise. When performed with the abs muscles pulled, this exercise does great things for you.


Plank - For this exercise program, you need to position yourself for a pushup and hold the pose. Ensure that your body is in one long, straight line from head to toes.


Captain's chair - This abs exercise involves standing on a gym chair and gripping the handholds. Press your back against the head pad and slowly lift your knees towards your chest. The back must remain straight.


Postnatal abdominal exercise

Most women are eager to get back to shape after pregnancy and childbirth. Women must consult their doctor before embarking on a postnatal abdominal exercise program. Pelvic tilts and simple ab contractions are an ideal way to embark on a postnatal lower abdomen exercise program. Combined with Kegels' exercise, you can get your pelvic floor muscles back in shape. Isometric contractions can even be practiced with the baby on your stomach. Stick to a steady lower ab exercise program and watch the flabby skin harden.


Stomach exercise

The elusive washboard flat stomach eludes most of us. Millions of dollars are spent in the quest for a flat stomach and slim waistline. There are many exercise machines that are sold to those seeking an exercise program for cutting down the adipose on the waistline. The first step towards a trim waist and flat stomach is to remove the fat that sits on the abs. A combination of cardiovascular exercise program coupled with a healthy diet aimed at preventing fat can do wonders. Stomach exercise program would include the following:


· Forward flexion exercises such as sit-ups and crunches.


· Side flexion exercises such as side crunches and side bends


· Rotational exercises such as trunk rotations and standing twists


Exercise for love handle

Love handles are a misnomer, as all women would love to shun them. Love handles are the unsightly fat belts around the waist. This lump of flesh starts at the side of the bra-line and extends all the way down the back. Aerobic exercise aimed at this region can help you shed the unsightly roll of flesh. Exercise for love handles involve exercising the oblique muscles to tighten up the sides of the waist. Ab crunches would help too. A simple home exercise for love handles - Sit upright with a stick across the back of your shoulders. Twist from side to side. Side bends also work wonders on love handles. Keep at it and watch these muscles firm into place.

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Ok but you already have hot abs so I dont know f it will work. Try getting some mexican and not go to the gym or work out. Get a OMG is that me belly and then try it. That is where I was. Has gotten over the loss of my daughter and wanted to try and get myself back together vanity is horrible To get my abs nice and tight to find out I was having my son.

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Okay, I did my crunches this morning.

Will add 25 more tomorrow and try a couple of these Tammy...maybe the love handle exercise. muscle.gif


Thank you for posting these!

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I have not got the crunches in yet, busy day. But I did go to the gym and do cardio and weights. I will get the abs in, I just need to get off here.

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I did mine! I do the a version of the reverse curl but I lay on my back on our leather ottoman. I then lift my legs straight up off the floor and pull my upper body forward at the same time. You can really feel the burn!

Thanks for the post, I'll definitely have to try some of these other ones.

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