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Show us your wedding dress!

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Originally Posted by cnd29 View Post

I think this is the one!  Just 2 questions though:


1 - Buying the knockoff but does anybody recognize who the original designer might be??

2 - Train or no train?  It's not too long but I'm worried about it getting dirty in the sand and such....




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Avens you posted about six pages back cheesy.gif That's ok, your dress is beautiful so I don't mind seeing it again!

Originally Posted by Avens View Post

I tried to search and see if I ever actually posted in this thread. I didn't see it, so here's my dress!








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Thank you! I don't have any pictures of the back, but it is the Jcrew Sinclair dress if you want to see. It is just a zip back with straps. Oh, and I am down 2 pounds now, so only 8 to go!

Originally Posted by Pucca View Post

Beautiful!! I love it. What does the back look like? In any event, I love the flow of it and even if you don't lose the 10 pounds, you'll still look gorgeous in it for sure!







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Beautiful dresses ladies! I love that not everyone is sticking just to white anymore. I am newly engaged so just getting started on the most exciting part of all - the dress. I grew up in Edinburgh and used to walk past this wedding shop every day and imagined myself getting married in one of the dresses there, so if I find one I like from the shop I am going to get it ordered. But now I am just starting to realise about all the things APART form the dress, the shoes, jewellery, underwear...so much to think about!



good luck choosing dresses everyone!

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