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Show us your wedding dress!

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Wow wow wow ... you look FANTASTIC!! What an amazing choice, and i'm sure it will have even more of a sparkle when it comes in white! Love the belt, I think it is beautiful, and would definately wear it higher up like most of the brides said! Congrats!!

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Hey Ladies, wow what a great thread, I've just spent the past 2 hours looking at everyone's dresses! Here's a couple of pics of mine, I found it a month ago and I can't wait for it to come in! The colour of the one in the picture is "gold" (yuck!) so I ordered white without even seeing it. I am a bit nervous about that, but they assured me that it would look good in white. The belt comes with the dress but I'm not sure if I'm going to wear it, any opinions?




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Allie - gorgeous dress!!!!! 

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Wow! You are stunning! The dress has so many beautiful elements from the one shoulder that is delicately beaded, to the mermaid silhouette and ruffles at the bottom. GREAT choice!






Beautiful!! Looks Great on you!!


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Okay ladies, it's finally my turn to post my dress.


It just came in, but I wanted to sneak a peak before my Mom came into town. Tell me what you think.









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