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  1. Thank you MissBubbles and Allie! I absolutely love that dress and it's completely opposite of what I had in mind.
  2. I realize that my pictures did not post properly. So, hopefully it works this time.
  3. I can finally share pictures of my dress. I absolutely love my dress. It's an Essense of Australia.
  4. Sorry, I'm not sure what happened the first time but I've updated it.
  5. I did not use my own makeup. The spa uses a professional french line of cosmetics which is very good. I verified it with a friend that is a make up artist. I did show her an example of hair and make up with some additional explanation. For instance, I wanted my hair to sit up a little higher so that the veil would stay in the middle of head. She did not use the exact same colors for eye make up but she was trying to find what she felt was most flattering. She would look through the palette and color pots and look at me. If you want something specific, just tell them.
  6. Hi Ladies, I had 2 entree options and 1 vegetarian entree. In the end, I felt it was easier to create a seating chart with each person's dinner selection and it did. The food was delivered promptly and was correct. I would say for the sake of headache and confusion just make a seating arrangement for the staff. Also, I had Katia as my offsite coordinator and Flora as my onsite. Both were awesome and everything went perfectly. I wrote a full review for the Royal Cancun with details of my wedding day and Flora. Someone asked about bringing your own favors and decor..... I don't think it matters which coordinator you have. They all know brides bring some of their stuff so they expect it. After my walk through, Flora asked me do you have a guestbook, favors, etc... and I just brought them to her. I had all the boxes marked with our name and what was in it so there was no confusion. The staff had everything set up with no additional charges.
  7. Just a quick update...I used SpaZul for myself and my maid of honor. I was very skeptical and even more when I saw the stylist. (I believe her name was Elvira.) However, after it was finished, my makeup looked great and lasted through the humidity. My photographer had us walk about a half mile down the beach to take pictures but you couldn't tell I was sweating my butt off. As for hair, I have really thick hair and decided to pull it up in curls. She used about 100 bobby pins to hold the curls and it really looked beautiful for a while. To be honest, nothing can last through the humidity and wind. Anyway, I had a good experience with the ladies in the spa and I don't regret not shelling out an additional $350 just to have my hair and make up done. Here are a couple of pics. The flakes in my hair is actually glitter she dusted on me. It looked good in person and in the light but didn't quite translate on the camera. lol
  8. I second this....there is no getting out of the vendor fees. I booked SpaZul for hair and make up because I refused to pay $350. I am crossing my fingers and hope all turns out well.
  9. It's an Essense of Australia. I love their dresses! Their sister line Ella also makes beautiful dresses.
  10. I finally had an opportunity to try on my dress. (I've been waiting for it since the middle of August!) I fell in love with it all over again. Best part is I don't need any alterations. It was a perfect fit! My veil and hair pins also came in so it was a happy day.
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