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  1. Hey ladies, If anyone comes across any Photobook Canada Groupons for your area, can you please post the link on here!? Photobook is awesome if you haven't used it
  2. Hey Ladies, I just got married at Dreams last Friday so I thought I would share some advice with you!!! We had our reception on the beach and I can't imagine having it anywhere else! It is so amazing eating dinner and being able to hear the ocean in the background. They do such a great job setting it up with more than enough lighting. In my honest opinion the banquet room is plain and looks like any other banquet room. I can't imagine going all the way to Mexico to get married, and having a reception in a banquet room. El Patio is absolutely breathtaking but because there is no a/c it is sooooooo hot! We were just sweating eating dinner in there, so dancing with no a/c would be insane! If there is any advice I wished someone gave me before going would be to pay to extend your reception!!! Three hours is not enough time. We probably started dinner at 7:15 and didn't finish until 9, and we didn't even have any speeches, that is just how long it took for dinner service. So when we started dancing around 9 the time went by so quickly. We luckily bagged Jacki's assistant to let us extend the reception by an hour and she let us. Now that did cost us an additional $700, but believe me it was the best money we spent! Our guests kept coming up to us and telling us how much fun they were having and that it was the best wedding they had ever been to! Another detail that made our wedding amazing was that we rented the light up dance floor. It was absolutely amazing. We had 41 guests and the floor fits 40 people. I personally didn't want to just dance in the sand because I hate the feeling of dirty feet! And again all our guests thought it was amazing. It was 100% worth the extra money! We did not hire a DJ and I am so glad we didn't. We just made playlists on our IPod and the speakers that they provide are great, it was definitely more than loud enough. I am very particular about music, so it was great to be able to pick it all. We hired an external photographer - Moments that Matter, and they were amazing. I feel pictures are important because they are what we will have to remember our wedding 10 years from now. We actually still used the resort photographer included in the package to take pictures of our guests and he spent the whole time watching my photographer and his assistant! I have not received my pictures yet, but I have seen one on his website and it's breathtaking So if anyone has anymore questions I am more than happy to answer them!
  3. I hear ya! Two more days of work left then we leave on Saturday!!! It has been so busy at work lately that I have not even had time to think about Mexico!
  4. Hey Ladies, I can't believe that we leave on Saturday!!! I have some last minute questions for those of you already married at DPA. I'm so stumped on who to tip!? I have read through other threads and some brides seemed to have tipped everyone involved in their wedding, but to me it seems like that would add up pretty quickly. This is what I am thinking........... - WC - $100 - Hair stylist - $10-15 - Waiters at the reception - $10 each - Bartender at the reception - $20 - Mariachi band (6 person) - $5 each Photographer????? Ladies do I tip him? I am already paying him soooooooo much money! Do I tip the Judge who will be marrying us? I'm thinking no, but I have heard of some other brides who have. We are not having a DJ so I don't need to worry about that. Am I forgetting anyone? Please help! Anyone opinions gladly accepted. Feel free to comment whether you think I am tipping too much or too little! Allison
  5. Hey Angela, I'm not sure who this message is directed to? I am getting married on May 18, and you on June 14th? Or did you mean May lol! Anyways if you have any questions I'm sure all the ladies on here will be happy to help out
  6. Hi ladies, so exciting that your dates are coming up so soon, and I'm not too far behind you! I just wanted to wish you both a very happy and amazing wedding day, and I can't wait to see some pictures when you get back
  7. Hi there, all the info you need is in this link - http://www.airline-luggage-regulations.com/bagreg.php?airid=10 I'm not too impressed with their baggage policy - we will be paying $100 each way to take FI's surfboard, but he wouldn't go if he couldn't take it lol!
  8. Hi Krysta, Can I ask how you were upgraded to first class on Sunwing? Did you have your travel agent call for you, or did you contact them yourself and tell them you are getting married? Our wedding is not until next month, but we are also flying Sunwing and it would be fantastic to have that extra baggage allowance!
  9. Hey fellow May brides!!! How is everyone doing, our dates are getting soooooo close! We leave in 1 month and 2 days, and I feel like i still have a million things to do. I go for my second fitting this Thursday, it has already been delayed by my seamstress because she didn't get it done, I just hope that this is the final fitting! My FI still needs to get his suit altered. We are having my wedding band custom made and we haven't even received the price quote yet, yikes! I am waiting for like a million things to come in the mail!!! Oh well, I'm sure it will all fall into place
  10. Hi there, The seller is 'Lovelylittleones', however I probably would not order from her again. The dress came too small (even though I provided measurements), and it was also a completely different colour then what I ordered. She agreed to re-make it, which she did............but it still fits poorly! I think it will look great on my niece and for pictures, but it's she doesn't find it very comfortable.
  11. Hi there, The hair flower is from carynandivy and the bracelets are from BohoChicGypsyJewelry, I hope you find what you are looking for!
  12. I had never heard of Etsy before joining this website, but I am super glad I discovered it as I found some really neat things to make my day special!!! I bought this 2-sided sign because it will look great in pictures. My nephew will carry it down the aisle, and we'll use the reverse side to take some pictures for our thank you cards. Custom made flower girl dress Flower girl basket except ours will have a white flower and the heart sign will have "A + T" on it. My hair flower and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I searched long and hard for this, as I came across many on etsy that weren't quite what I was looking for. Black sash that I will be wearing with my dress which is an organza trumpet style with a sweetheart neckline. Bracelets for my bridesmaids as my main colour is turquoise Sand ceremony set etched with our names, wedding date and location.
  13. I did too!!! So not bad in terms of shipping times. Pumped because now I am done for items for survival kit and almost done OOT bags
  14. I find myself feeling a bit anxious these days and when I'm trying to fall asleep I have wedding stuff running through my head! I probably feel this way because I still have quite a bit of planning to do as my resort doesn't ask me for any details until about a month prior to our wedding!!!
  15. Hey Alison, Welcome back!!!! Awesome to hear that your honeymoon was amazing A couple of questions....... Where did you guys end up having your reception? What did you choose for your menu, I'm having a hard time deciding on this! I can't wait to see your pictures, please post some when you get them Allie
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