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  1. Hi there, I got married there in September and I returned home with our birth certificates, I believe we showed them in our meeting and they took copies but they gave them back to us. Is there a way you can get back in touch with WC and ask her? They must have stuff on record. xxx
  2. Thank you very much!! You wont regret the dress!! I still keep looking at it xxxx
  3. Hi Ladies, These are my bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses.. I bought them off Lightinthebox and was over the moon about how they turned out.. They were great quality with only a tiny bit of alterations needed
  4. Hi Ladies, I can finally share my wedding pictures and my dress with you!! Ive tried to pick the pictures that show my dress the best.. Its San Patrick - Eresma.. And I loved it!! So happy I got to wear it twice!! xxxxx
  5. Thank you so much.. I know what you mean, I was exactly the same in the beginning of my planning so I hope the pictures help, let me know if you would like to see more My brother is actually a Wedding Photographer so I was very lucky but hes actually looking into going over working over there on Wedding so if you would like any info let me know xxx Hi there, I brought my own.. I bought them off ebay for £1 each.. No I didnt use the same, they told me it wouldnt be enough time to take them from the ceremony to the reception so I bought enough for both Yep coral were my colours! Yes my flowers were from the resort, my brides bouquet was included and I paid for my 2 bridesmaids and my older flowergirls.. The bridesmaids were $50 each and the smaller one $40.. I couldnt have been more happier with my flowers! I loved them so much! The colours were perfect and they did exactly what I asked.. Ive seen flowers from the resort before where they put plastic at the bottom and hardly no stem and I didnt like that so i asked for all the stems to be thick and attached a picture of how I would like it.. Any more questions, please ask xxx Thank you so much.. Cant believe its all over.. Planning our anniversary trip already! lol xxx Thank you so much.. Everything went perfect! Just wish it went slower lol xxxx
  6. Thank you Murmel The sign my flowergirl had was a surprise for my fiance.. Thats what nearly had him going on the day If anyone wants to see more pictures, feel free to add me on facebook.. Jenna Bear Saunders xxx
  7. Yes I did.. The package didnt include the sheers over the top and I was asked in the meeting if I would like them (for the extra charge) but I said no, but they went ahead and put them on for me anyway.. I really do think they try their luck with the extras but will put on what they think looks best if you dont go for it xxx Thank you The DJ did our announcing for us and he did speak English.. I think if you want someone in your bridal party to do the announcing you can ask him as he has a mic Hope this helps.. Any more questions, feel free to ask xxx
  8. Thank you very much We had 33 guests in total, 29 adults and 4 children.. Yes we hired DJ Doremmix and he was worth every penny!! He was amazing!! We didnt get any extra lighting no, but the DJ does provide alot of lighting.. I think without his lighting we would have definitely needed some, mainly for atmosphere.. Any other questions just ask away xxx
  9. Or better still, add me on facebook, theyre all on there.. But the slideshow I posted is the best xxx
  10. Sorry didnt realise how many I uploaded!! If you wanna see more let me know xxx
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