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Our Disney engagement!!!!!

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So my FH and I dont always do things in order...lol! we had been talking about marriage for some time... and in early July he and I went shopping for rings and found "the one" long story short... he was keeping the ring until he was ready to propose... He didnt want it to be something we just decided to do.. he wanted to be the one being romantic and he wanted to officially ask me!


so this past weekend him and I went to Disneyland for our vacation, and on our final day at 7am in the morning right there in front of the park, by the flower Mickey we were getting our picture taken and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him... only thing is... it was a BIG plastic ring! who cares? I loved it! I was saying yes no matter what!!! I was so happy! w


then about an hour later him and I are taking pics infront of Cinderella's castle and he gets down on one knee yet again and proposes... lol! to my surprise! another HUGE hunk of plastic green ring! (my birthstone) once again I accept and we go on our way... Im obviously thinking he's nuts now! lol


so then we walk thru the park and head over to California Adventure and go on my FAVORITE ride! The Tower of Terror!!! and for anyone who does not know this ride its an elevator type ride that goes up 13 stories and drops... so we hit the top of the ride... and as the camera is taking our picture he pulls out another big ring! and asks again! lol! this time its a blue colored one!


it doesnt end there! lol! after a few hours I figure thats it! no more big plastic rings! he's done proposing for the day! lol! but nope! at a romantic dinner him and I are talking and he pulls out a pink one and proposes yet again! and once again I accept! he tells me "thats it" no more! and that we are now OFFICIALLY engaged!!!


so at the end of a 16hour day at Disneyland and California adventure we decide to call it a night and head back to our hotel after the fireworks... but first he wanted to go to the castle first and take some night pictures... we head around back and spot Snow Whites wishing well... and he tells me to turn around and make a wish! as Im doing so he pulls out the real ring and gets down on one knee and says "I made a wish too! and my wish came true! my wish was you!" and he asked me to marry him again! but with tears in his eyes! as we both stood there in total bliss the bells in the castle start going off ! it was so pretty! like out of a movie! I couldnt be any happier!!! he is the love of my life and my best friend!!!




I would post pics... if I knew how... :)

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Originally Posted by michelle08 View Post
That is a very cute story!!!! Perfect ending to a great day! :) What are you going to do with all the plastic rings?
def going to keep them! Im thinking I may turn them into a key chain! I collect key chains like a mad woman! so something like that might work! :)

Thank you for the comments :)

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