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With Destination Weddings (and normal weddings) I think there are a few other questions you should ask.  Here are a few I recommend:


- Have you ever photographed a destination wedding?


- Have you ever photographed a wedding in direct sunlight, and may I see the entire wedding?


- Have you photographed an outdoor wedding at night?  What type of lighting do you use?


- Do you not only have professional equipment, but professional backup equipment?


- Do you edit all the images that I will receive? 


- What exactly does "editing" mean to you?

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i am a destination wedding photographer. I''ve heard every question known to man, and when i was choosing my photographer I also wanted information but without disrespecting them or their work in some way.


I'd say the biggest questions you should ask are:


1. how long have you been photographing weddings or how often do you shoot a wedding? experience?

2. how long do you stay at the destination? *what if it rains and you want to reschedule your TTD?

3. what "rights" do I receive,lf receiving cd

4. how long until I see my photos? turnaround time?

5. request to see a full wedding



in terms of equipment, it shouldn't make a difference since it will mean little to the average person. maybe more like do you shoot in RAW with full frame censor?

in terms of dress, most destinations are hot as can be, so dont get hung up on them not wearing a dress! I wear normally black capris and sandals - this question seems irrelevant


hope that helps, straight from the mouth of a photog! :)

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