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    Bali Weddings

    Exciting!, how did your planning trip go?
  2. balibride

    Bali Weddings

    Hello ladies we're getting married in the Pantai Lima villas (north of Seminyak) next April.... Can't wait! We're using Erick of I Do weddings as he has done a few weddings there & he seems pretty switched on. Who are you using for catering?
  3. These are amazing! I want one!
  4. Love love love that candy bar! And your colour scheme is amazing!
  5. These are so beautiful I especially love he one against the yellow wall
  6. You do whatever you like... It's your wedding!
  7. balibride

    What's your menu for AHR?

    We're going to do a hog roast(dad cooking) sides, and then ask guests to bring a pud each and do a desert bar. I want to put little flags in the deserts ie " I'm a raspberry cheesecake and I was lovingly made by Kelly" or similar. Not sure if it's a bit tacky to ask guests t bring food tho? We're on such a budget it would help! What do you all think?
  8. balibride

    Our AHR BBQ *PICS*

    Wowthis looks great! Really relaxed
  9. balibride

    Our AHR (Surprise!) Pictures!!!!

    Wow LOVE your dress!